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It'S SKIN [NEW] Power 10 Formula VE Effector 30ml

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'V'itamin 'E' - It'S SKIN's VE Effector Serum contains capsules of vitamin E, a vital nutrition component for glowing smooth skin. This serum not only provides nutrition to the skin but also replenishes it with moisture.
Vitamin E derivatives that have been stabilized into radiance-boosting essence capsules, amply nourish the skin for an illuminated, even texture.
When skin suffers from dermal tightening caused by severe dryness, on top of skin fatigue derived from harsh external irritations! Combine use with the patented capsule-based moisture-replenisher, GF Effector, and the nourishing and moisturizing care of vitamin E-based, radiance-booster, VE Effector, for even better results!
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