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It'S SKIN Collatoning Duo Set

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A systematic skin care line with collagen and plant extracts that firm the skin with a hydrating finish 

  • Formulated with Collatoning Complex™, a blend of collagen and 4 flower extracts for firming and hydrating care for tired, saggy skin.
  • Provides bouncy feeling of hydration for dull and dry skin with dewy finish.
  • Delivers cooling and refreshing hydration without heavy feeling.

Skin clearing and firming with Collatoning Complex

1. Hydrolyzed collagen:
A type of collagen transformed to facilitate easier skin absorption
2-5. Snow lotus extract / Jasminum officinale / Camellia japonica flower extract / Paeonia suffruticosa branch flower and leaf extract
A complex of collagen and 4 flower extracts helps rejuvenate the skin by helping tofirm, moisturize, retexturize and prevent aging with Collatoning Complex


  • Penetrates skin fast and easy up to 90% and functions as a cement for intercellular bonding
  • Features a high protein level which makes it an effective firming solution for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging


Moisture firming toner with a clear moisture gel formula that bursts with water while massaging, delivers cooling and refreshing hydration and retexturizes skin.

COLLATONING Emulsion 150ml

Moisture firming emulsion with a runny fluid formula that balances oil and water levels of loose skin, firms and boosts radiance to make skin supple

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