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[Que Sera Sera]

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Que sera sera is a song created by composer STEVEN LEE, who made Eileen One's debut singles 'Fear my love' and 'Azelia', Swedish singer-songwriter Caroline Gustavsson, and British producer Joe Lawrence once again. It is an up-tempo dance song that blends and melts Ailee One's dreamy and energetic positive power by going back and forth between minor and major. The lyrics full of fairy tale elements that melt the meaning of the wish of 'whatever you wish will come true' with the spell of love are impressive, and contain the will of the six members to grow into a greater love from their previous work, 'Flower Love'.

** Components **

- CD-R

- Wireless book 44p 145*145

- 1 out of 6 random postcards 90*130

- 1 out of 12 photo cards random 85*55
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