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'iKON, illuminating the more matured'

iKON is back with their 4th mini album [FLASHBACK].
iKON, who appeared in front of the public with [WELCOME BACK], has been running on a steep rise for 8 years, playing colorful music.

With this album [FLASHBACK], iKON announces a new beginning by focusing on the inner music. The honest and sad story of iKON will unfold like a scene in a movie.

The title song 'BUT YOU' contains a retro mood that has not been seen in iKON's discography. The sincere lyrics filled with nostalgia while recalling the past are expected to add depth to the album [FLASHBACK].

iKON 4th MINI ALBUM [FLASHBACK] (PHOTOBOOK ver.) will be released in 2 types with different component images. Pre-orders will start on April 18th and will be available on May 10th at YG Select, Weverse Shop, KTOWN4U, as well as on/offline music stores nationwide.

* iKON 4th MINI ALBUM [FLASHBACK] (PHOTOBOOK ver.) is made of FSC (International Forestry Management Council) certified paper for environmental protection, low-carbon eco-friendly paper, soybean oil ink, environmental protection coating, and plastic packaging, which is biodegradable PLA. was made with
* FSC certification means that the paper uses raw materials from responsibly managed forests.

<Song Introduction>
1. The reason you are (BUT YOU) *TITLE
Lyricists: AiRPLAY, Kid Wine, BOBBY, Maribelle Anes / Composers: KANG UK JIN, Diggy, Maribelle Anes / Arrangers: KANG UK JIN, Diggy

: This is a Synthwave genre song that reinterprets 80's POP music with a modern sound. It is an impressive song with a retro mood that iKON did not try and the lyrics that honestly confess the feelings of not forgetting the lover who broke up.

2. Dragon (DRAGON)

: This song compares iKON to 'dragon', an imaginary animal that appears in myths and legends and a symbol of divine power. In particular, members Jinhwan, Bobby, and Donghyuk participated in the song work, revealing the incomparable intensity of iKON's unique strong music and splendid stage confidence.

3. Nonsense (FOR REAL?)
Lyricists: DK, BOBBY / Composers: DK, KANG UK JIN, Diggy, Lee Chang Woo / Arrangers: KANG UK JIN, Diggy, Lee Chang Woo

: 'Is this what it feels like to fall in love?' It is a medium-tempo song that expresses the exclamation of a loved one in a cute and witty way. Rhythmic drums and guitars dominate, and the hook points and catchy lyrics that linger in the ears capture the listener's heart.

4. Gold (GOLD)
Lyricists: YOON, BOBBY / Composers: YOON, KANG UK JIN, Diggy / Arrangers: KANG UK JIN, Diggy

: This song was gifted by Seungyoon Kang of WINNER for iKON, and on the hip-hop track of a chill vibe, the sweet lyrics ‘Time with the one you love is more important than a million dollars’, making listeners’ hearts flutter.

5. Your name (NAME)
Lyricists: DK, BOBBY, Sonny, Se.A / Composers: DK, KANG UK JIN, Diggy, Sonny / Arrangers: KANG UK JIN, Diggy

: It is a pop ballad song with a clear victory and harmony. The lyrics are impressive, expressing the feeling of finally calling out the name of a person who can't be called again. In addition, iKON's more mature vocals and mournful emotions are added to leave a deep lingering impression.

Lyricists: MINO, BOBBY / Composers: MINO, FUTURE BOUNCE / Arranger: FUTURE BOUNCE

: This song was gifted by WINNER Minho Song for iKON, and it paradoxically conveys the message of wanting everyone who lives a rigid and atrophied life to rest freely through the expression ‘rest with passion’. An impressive hook with strong drops and repeated lyrics, and an outro that is completely reversed and makes you feel like another song, gives you a fresh feeling without being bored. This is a song that can radiate 100% of iKON's free and wild charm on stage.

[PHOTOBOOK ver. = A ver, B ver]

● SIZE : 180*245*17
● Configuration : CD + Envelope Package Box + Photobook (112p) + Postcard Set (6ea) + Random Photo Sticker (1 of 6) + Random Polaroid Set (4 of 28) + Double-sided Poster (1ea / First Edition Only)
- Double-sided poster: 1:1 free gift only for the first production quantity (same as version regardless of version)
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