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1st mini album [Bridge of Dreams]

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ICHILLN’ The 1st Mini Album ‘Bridge of Dreams’

With this 'Bridge of Dreams' album, ICHILLN started to cross the bridge to get closer to their dreams.

This album includes 'Play Hide & Seek', 'La Luna', '1+1 (Promise me)', and '1+1 (Promise me)'. It consists of a total of 7 tracks including 'GOT'YA' and 'FRESH' that were released.

Also, 'ICHILLN' is the first physical album since their debut in September last year, and they showed their presence to the public with their debut song 'GOT'YA' and single 'FRESH', and with this album, ICHILLN' (ICHILLN). )'s splendid performance and unrivaled visuals, etc.

* Album Specifications

- BOX PACKAGE : 165*165mm / 1 type

- PHOTOBOOK : 155*155mm / 1 type

- DISK : 120*120mm / 1 type

- PHOTOCARD : 55*85mm / Insert 2 random types out of 7 types

- TWOCUT PHOTO : 48*145mm / Random 1 type out of 7 types

- LOGO STICKER : 50*50mm, 30*124mm / Insert 2 types

- POSTER : 594*420mm / Type 1 insert (ground type)
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