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EP [24 : How to find true love and happiness]

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24 : How to find true love and happiness

1. Graduation

On the day after high school graduation, my friend and I were smoking in the parking lot next to the school. The feeling of freedom from being able to do anything and the feeling of insecurity not knowing what to do was mixed.

2. Heaven

The lullaby contains the thought that the stories of adults who say that only good deeds go to heaven may be the only way for us to get out of this hell.


Cheers to all lovers in this world.

4. Citizen Kane

I should be able to find time to relax, but I didn't know how in the fast-paced time. Then, by chance, I had a conversation with my uncle.

5. Gang Gang Schiele

I hope unification comes soon. It seemed like a sincere apology to an old friend with deep feelings.

6. Goodbye Seoul

I was born in Seoul and live in Seoul. But sometimes I want to leave Seoul. Because I live in Seoul.

[Production Specification]

- Size: 135mm x 135mm x 0.5mm

- Basic configuration: Digipack (Gate Fold type), 1CD, lyrics paper

โ€ป This album is a repackaging and remastering re-release group that supplements the jacket making of HYUKOH [24 : How to find true love and happiness] released on May 31, 2018.
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