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Single [Guilty Pleasure]

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‘Hwa Sa,’ the main character of the #MariaChallenge, which not only swept domestic and foreign music charts with the title song ‘Maria’ of the same name as the first mini-album in June 2020, but also surpassed 1.8 billion views on a single platform. After about a year and five months, she is ready to shake the world once again with the release of her second single album [Guilty Pleasure].

The dictionary meaning of the album name [Guilty Pleasure] is 'It's embarrassing to talk to others or feel for yourself, but nevertheless, it's a fun thing to do once you've done it'. No matter what size it is, it is a feeling of happiness that is proportional to the guilt, but in fact, this is also due to instinct. Of course, it is not a natural and rational solution, but it can be a stimulant that is difficult to deny sometimes.

The title song ‘I’m a Light (I’m a B)’ is the first collaboration song with a foreign producer, and a trendy sound spreads freely on a heavy bassline. Not only that, the addictive hook, Hwasa's signature, and groovy voice feel like a well-crafted pattern within that freedom. In this song, Hwasa is immersed in her desire to become stronger and more perfect and cast shadows around her like a spotlight, but at one point when she completely released me, swallowing the shadows, she became a very big and proud bu. talking point.

The goals they wanted to achieve by greed for perfection all abused themselves and made their lives insecure. So, even if I get closer to that goal, there is still a deep emptiness, but the pleasures in the process that have passed make me feel alive and happy.

Not the instinctive antipathy of the last teenager, who did what I wanted, like a tree frog.
‘Hwa Sa’ is back with a sweet and real light

Should I do it or not, should I cross the line or not?
Overcoming the ban gives us one more level of freedom.
Don't fear nothing. I'll be your light!



*Album Specifications

- PHOTO BOOK : 210x297mm / 160p

- STICKER : 200x287mm / Insert 1 type

- CD-R : 118x118mm / Insert 1 type

- PHOTO PRINT : 102x152mm / random insertion of 1 type out of 4 types

- MESSAGE CARD : 60x88mm / Insert 1 type

- COOKIE CARTOON : 148x210mm / 8p / Insert 1 type

- LOGO STICKER : 110x50mm / Insert 1 type

- NAPKIN : 110x115mm / Insert 1 type

- PHOTO CARD : 55x85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 10 types

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