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Mini 1st [ISSUE MAKER]

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HOT ISSUE 1st Mini Album [ISSUE MAKER] released


-S2 Entertainment's first rookie girl group'HOT ISSUE' that will create the hottest issue in 2021

-HOT ISSUE debut album [ISSUE MAKER]

-The title song "GRATATA" that will snipe the listener's heart is a daunting sortie


S2 Entertainment's first rookie girl group "HOT ISSUE", which will create the hottest issue in 2021, will finally unveil and debut. HOT ISSUE's first mini-album [ISSUE MAKER] is released under the general production of Chairman Seung-Sung Hong, who has discovered numerous global K-POP artists in the music industry for about 30 years.

'HOT ISSUE' is made up of 7 members including Meina, Hyungshin, Dana, Yewon, Yebin, and Dain, led by Nahyeon. HOT of HOT ISSUE stands for ‘Honest’, ‘Outstanding’, and ‘Terrific’, respectively, and contains our strong ambition to create our own influential ISSUE.


Through the pre-contents, Hot Issue perfectly digested the powerful, high-difficulty performance that you would not believe as a rookie, and showed the distinct personality and skills of each of the seven members. Through this, it proves the quality of All-rounder in various fields, not just performance, and has further raised interest and expectations for hot issues around the world.


HOT ISSUE's first mini-album [ISSUE MAKER] is an album that contains the strong aspirations of their slogan. Including the title song'GRATATA' that will show intense musical color and performance,'Dunga Dunga', which contains irreplaceable dignity,'Hide In The Dark' with members Dana and Hyungshin,'Purple' with a unique and dreamy sound, Lastly, it consists of a total of five tracks, including'We Go', which contains seven personalities.

The honesty and dignity of hot issues will make them position as a new icon (ICON) that will lead the next generation trend.


Now, Hot Issue is ready to capture the public's eyes and ears with the positive and colorful issues they will create.



*Album specifications

-Package: Sleeve cover 153*200*10mm

-Booklet: 153 * 200 * 10mm / 80p

-Component envelope: 153 * 200mm

-Alpan: 118 *118 / 1 type inserted

-Lyric paper: 290 * 300mm / 1 type inserted

-Folding card: 400 * 150mm / Insert random one out of two

-3D photo card: 55 * 85mm / Insert random one out of seven

-Photocard: 55 * 85mm / Insert a random one out of seven

-3D sticker: 45 * 60mm / 1 type inserted

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