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1st Single [ICONS]

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Hot Issue's first single album [ICONS], as the album name suggests, intuitively indicates that anyone is special and can become an 'icon'. In particular, this album is not only about the musical growth of hot issues.

It is expected to see further growth in the performance part, which is the biggest strength.

The title song of this album, 'ICONS', is a song that more strongly embodies the slogan of a hot issue: boldness and honesty. The existence of β€˜I’ looks soft and slender like a flower in a greenhouse, but it shows that you can change the world by breaking the set rules and coloring the world with your own colors. In addition, in the music video, not only did they stand up for freedom, but they also showed a new world that is gradually changing due to them, further enhancing the understanding of the song.

Through this single album [ICONS], we plan to show the growth potential of limitless hot issues. You can look forward to HOT ISSUE, which wants to be reborn as a unique icon in the music industry.

*Album Specifications

- Package: 153*200*26mm

- Booklet: 145 * 185mm / 60p

- Alpan : 118 * 118mm / 1 type

- Lyric card: 120 * 170mm / 2 types inserted

- Photo card: 55 * 85mm / Insert one random out of 14 types

- Unit photo card: 55 * 85 mm / insert one random out of three

- Sticker: Insert 4 out of 10 types
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