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High Waist Slim Fit Bunto Hot Pants (4color/3size)

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Introducing the high-waisted slim-fit hot pants that are basic yet stand out with the details of the cut-off line~!

These are pants with a neat design without being bulky.
An item that adds a sense of style while creating a slim leg line by adding an incision line to the pants that can be boring! :D

With a high waist line, the waist line is narrow and the proportions of the body are made to look longer.
It makes the overall body silhouette look pretty, and the back line can be closed with a zipper, so you can wear and take off comfortably :)

Basic T-shirt, sleeveless, blouse, and shirt are good together!
It goes well with any top, and the mood changes depending on how you style it!

It goes well with daily look, date look, travel look, etc.
Please coordinate it with various items comfortably and stylishly throughout the four seasons♡
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