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High Waist Button Loose Fit Knit Dress (2color)

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Introducing a loose fit collar knit dress with a thick feeling!
It is an item that can be worn stylishly with a neat feeling.
It is made with a V-neck, so it is comfortable to wear, and the simple and basic design gives a high-waist button point and hangs a loop to hold the waist line, or you can use it as a body cover look because you can wear it with a loose fit by loosening the loop It is a knitted dress made with a practical and trendy design.
The sleeve part also has a solid finish, so it is good to wear it slightly rolled up or folded one tier to create an atmosphere.
You can wear it comfortably without feeling burdened by the length that slightly covers the knee :)

Daily look, of course! It is casual yet neat, so you can wear it casually to a formal occasion.
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