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1st Mini Album [Go High]

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Hi-L (Hi-L) 1st Mini Album [Go High]

β€˜Hi-L’ ready to make a global impact

Debut mini album [Go High] released

The new girl group 'Hi-L' took the first step in the K-Pop market with the release of their first mini album [Go High].

With the profile video released before his debut, he showed his skills such as dance, vocals, and rap to amplify the expectations of domestic and foreign fans. It is receiving high public interest.

Hi-L (Hi-L), which means 'I will show the public a free and full of individuality with the high insight of the K-Pop world', is an abbreviation of 'High Insight Libre' and is a 6-member girl group. It can be seen that the key to forming a bond with fans is the appearance of enjoying music freely while growing up as an idol of the fans.

Hi-L's first mini-album [Go High] marks the beginning of the music industry, and as the album name [Go High] means, it contains the new girl group's bold aspirations to rise higher.

This album is composed and directed by general producer PK Heman, composer Kang Ji-won and Crazy Finger participated in composing and directing. It shows the album with a higher level of perfection.

Hi-L, a 6-member girl group with an average age of 19, has a bright and cute image with their own plump personality, and this album [Go High] also depicts a cute and fresh unrequited love according to the group image.

Starting with his first meeting with the public in 2021, he plans to show more of himself, and with his upcoming vocals and performances, he hopes to capture the eyes and ears of K-Pop fans around the world.

* Album Specifications

- Package: 140x190mm
- CD: 118x118mm
- Photo Book: 128x176mm, 58pages
- Photo Card: 55x85mm / randomly inserted one out of six
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