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1st Single [Churup!]

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The all-rounder queen who will lead you to a fresh dream paradise! ‘Hezz’

Hezz's single album! ‘Churup!’ is an album that marks the time when Hezz, who has sprouted with his solo debut in the spring, bears solid fruit. It is an album containing aspirations to become the best by stimulating the public just as the fresh taste before becoming a delicious and sweet fruit stimulates the salivary glands.

The title song 'Churup!' is a rhythmic song that depicts a girl who is immersed in her own fantasy as if she has entered a world of paradise and a dream as if her whole body floats the moment her lips touch.

In particular, Emily Yeonseo Kim and JINBYJIN, who worked with various idol groups such as NCT DREAM 'BEAT BOX' and The Boyz, Stray Kids, Twice, Itzy, and Red Velvet, participated as producers to enrich Hezz's bright and witty image. contained

In addition, BBTRIPPIN, who is attracting attention as a trend-leading dance such as Psy, Hyuna, Dawn, Zico, and ATEEZ, took the choreography and completed the addictive stage.

We look forward to Hezz's 'Churup!' activity, which has come from spring to summer.

** Components **
- 1 CD
- case
- Photobook 48p
- 5 types of photo cards (2 random)
- 1 type of bookmark
- CD Envelope

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