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Han SeungYun

The 1st Mini Album [Lovender]

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Seungyoon Han The 1st Mini Album [Lovender]

<Singer Gain - The Battle of the Unknown Singer>, which aired on JTBC in 2020, captured the hearts of those who were tired of the existing audition programs. It wasn't a trot or a program full of aspiring idols.

It wasn't even a treble contest, using typical practical music and style singing. It was like a spotlight that came to musicians who practiced in the shade for a long time and expressed their musical desires through various genres. Many have had the opportunity to stand in public again. After the broadcast, SNS was often covered with texts cheering for the unknown singer he discovered.

Seungyoon Han was one of them.

Although he didn't make it into the top ten, his alluring appearance and his distinct voice were enough weapons to put an end to his long obscurity.

Seungyoon Han entered the music world in 2012, when he became the vocalist of the band Luna Fly. The band music world at that time was in a period of stagnation after the renaissance of the late 2000s. As the mobile environment has become more common, an era of information overload has arrived. The number of talented bands getting attention has decreased. Released in 2013, Lunafly's only full-length album contained music that was perfect for the age of the members. It does not focus on a specific genre, and it converges several styles relatively well. It was a work that deserved a certain amount of response, but it did not get a lot of buzz. He appeared in the third season of <TOP Band> in 2015, but this season also ended without being a topic of discussion.

Young musicians who are affiliated with an agency and cannot receive training and capital baptism sometimes grow up by enduring an empty time. Seungyoon Han did the same after the band disbanded. He stood on stage as a soloist and sang through social media in front of the camera. The mind of not meeting more people is the obstacle of this empty time. Opportunities sometimes come to those who endure obstacles. And, only those who are prepared for themselves will seize this opportunity. Appearing in <Singer Gain> was a clear opportunity for Seungyoon Han.

The appeal and response of this program was also an opportunity. But we know. How quickly many people who shone briefly on the audition program were forgotten after the program ended. When the wonderland of broadcasting disappeared and he stood alone with his talents and abilities, did he only show that he was not ready to set foot on his own?

And, Seungyoon Han's first mini-album <Lovender> is a portfolio that proves that he is ready to seize the opportunity that has come to him and make use of it.

In this six-song album, Seungyoon Han handles a variety of genres from 2000s rock to K-pop without difficulty. Lock but do not let go of sensibility, trendy but do not get caught up in fashion.

Several producers participated in the lyrics and composition, but they balance themselves and lead the music. ‘In This Moment’, the first song and the intro, is reminiscent of the composition of the mid-to-late 20th century, when the album was a drama. In a short time centered on performances, Han Seungyoon impactfully informs that <Lovender> is a story composed of six chapters rather than a simple set of songs. The title song 'Lovender' is reminiscent of britpop in the 2000s. Introduction and development, climax and connection repeat condensation and explosion throughout. Seungyoon Han connects the seams of each part as seamlessly as a T-shirt without seams, and captures the listener just by hearing. It is to digest the style that was mainstream in the rock world when he started music as if it were embodied.

The other songs also have a style that contrasts with the songs before and after, but continues with an organic flow. From 'Moon Driver' with EDM, 'Problem' with a funky beat to K-pop sound, and from the acoustic-based soft rock 'Whatever You Want', Seungyoon Han struggles to assert what he's been accumulating in the 10 years since his debut. not, naturally persuade. That persuasion ends with the last song ‘How Good (Solo Ver.)’. This song was included in Lunafly's debut album, and you can feel the tone of 20-year-old Han Seung-yoon. If the version released in 2013 is based on the band sound, the <Lovender> version is plain.

Seungyoon Han, at the end of her 20s, seems to be telling her 20-year-old self that she can convey the power of melody and lyrics without giving or exaggerating. And this proves to the public in an unspoken way what he has accumulated over the past decade. What he has built up through a few music sources, a few broadcasts, quite a few performances, and more social media communication is none other than the balance between what he likes and what he is good at. Seungyoon Han has been absorbing his likes as his own, and he's been honing what he's good at more sophisticatedly.

<Lovender> is an album that is just like a hitter who has been out for a long time. The decisive blow of an unfamiliar one, <Lovender> is the result of Seungyoon Han's first at-bat, who returned to the world with <Singer Gain>.

*Album Specifications

- Album Size : 210*290(mm)

- Photo Book : 1 type (80P) / 210*290(mm)

- Digipack Holder : 1 type / 210*290(mm)

- Paper Band : 1 type / 211*100(mm)

- CD-R : 1 type

- Lyrics Card : Insert 4 types / 120*170(mm)

- Photo Card : Insert one random type among 4 types / 55*85(mm)

- Greeting Card : Insert 1 type / 130*180(mm)

- Folding Poster: Insert one random out of two / 270*400(mm)
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