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At the end of the winter of 2022, the special album <YOU>, which contains Ha Sung-woon's heart, has bloomed.

<YOU> is an album with gifts that Ha Sung-Woon wants to convey to his fans, and he wants to express his feelings by comparing it to the bright red camellia flower that blooms regardless of the cold season. From "Think of You", "Fall in You", "It's You", and "Thank You" that you have seen in dramas until now, to the new song "Can't Live Without you", in this album "YOU", "fans" We would like to share the message of our sincere heart to you.

[Song Introduction]

01. Can't Live Without You

"Can't Live Without You", presented for the first time by "YOU", is an R&B genre song with a harmonious harmony between the emotional guitar and Ha Sung-woon's sweet vocals. It is a song that expresses the message of getting bigger through the composition that gets bigger and bigger.

02. Think of You

"Think of You" in the drama <Her Private Life>, in which Ha Sung-Woon participated in the OST for the first time since his solo debut, is a lyrical ballad with a beautiful melody and piano arpeggio. The minimalistic yet neatly woven composition leaves a warm and calming lingering impression.

03. Fall in You

"Fall in You", the OST of the much-loved drama <Goddess Advent>, is a song that expresses in a sad and warm tone the pure and affectionate feelings of waiting for the person to open their heart to the person they love.

04. It's You

"It's You", included in the retro album <Rewind: Blossom>, is a song that shows Ha Sung-woon's diverse musical spectrum, and is a remake of a song by the Korean modern rock band The The. It shows the side of an 'emotional craftsman' with a vocal that brings the delicate emotions of "It's You" to the next level.

05. Thank You

<Transfer Romance> OST "Thank You" is a song that harmonizes well with the acoustic guitar sound and Ha Sung-woon's faintly resounding sweet voice. to present

**Album Specifications and Components**

- Photobook (60p)

- PET film (1 out of 3 random)

- Photocard (1 random out of 4)

- Cloud Coaster

- Voice ticket

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