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7th Mini Album [Strange World] Photobook [3D ver.]

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HA SUNG WOON The 7th Mini Album [Strange World]

Ha Sung-woon, who has a unique tone and sensibility with solid skills, is returning with his 7th mini-album [Strange World] after about 9 months.

Ha Sung-woon's 7th mini album [Strange World], released 9 months after 'Electrified: Urban Nostalgia' released in November last year, includes the title song 'FOCUS', 'What do you think?' and 'Baby Blue'. ', 'Too little too late (Duet with JAMIE)', and 'Daylight', which expresses gratitude towards the fans, is a mini-album containing a total of 5 songs.

This album is full of Ha Sung-woon's emotions just like the music he's shown before. It contains songs of various genres such as dance, pop, R&B, and ballad, so it's an album that will provide you with Ha Sung-woon's colorful charms and enjoyment of listening.

In particular, the title song 'FOCUS', a pop-based dance song with an addictive melody hook, features a rhythmic and unique synthesizer that harmonizes with Ha Sung-woon's more mature vocals, showing cool singing power and dynamic performance.

Ha Sung-woon, who has established himself as an unrivaled singer-songwriter and musician by building a solid career in the meantime, based on his experience as a producer for every album, this album also showed his producing ability without fail. It will show the aspects of solo artist Ha Sung-woon.


Korean Lyrics by ZNEE, Jimin Mok (lalala studio)

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Mathias Nilsen, Magnus Clausen, Kristin Skolem, Marcus Gunnarsen, Martinus Gunnarsen, Jeon Myung-hoon, Park Min-soo

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Mathias Nilsen

The title song 'FOCUS' is a pop number with an addictive melody hook that lingers in your ears. The rhythmic and unique synthesizer harmonizes with Ha Sung-woon's more mature vocals, adding to the fun of listening through various variations within the track.

2. What do you think?

Korean Lyrics by ZNEE (153/Joombas)

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Jop Pangemanan, Philip Handeland, Soma Baker, Cate Downey

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Philip Handeland

β€˜What do you think?’ is a medium-tempo pop that cutely captures the lyrics of the confession process in the midst of flirting.

3. Sea (Baby Blue)

Korean Lyrics by Jaeni Lee (PNP), Enzo

Composed by Ail Lee, Distract, Secret Weapon

Arranged by Secret Weapon

'Baby Blue' is a neo-soul R&B track with guitar chords and a lo-fi retro sound, and the lyrics that compare the person who made them fall in love with the 'sea' draw attention.

4. Too little too late (Duet with JAMIE)

Korean Lyrics by Jo Yoon-kyung

Composed by Ryan, Jim Bergsted, Helge Moen, Adelen Rusillo Steen

Arranged by Lionjeon, tobago

'Too little too late' is an R&B song in collaboration with JAMIE, an attractive female vocalist. The sophisticated piano sound and the rhythmic and groovy vocals of the two artists are in harmony.

5. Daylight

Korean Lyrics by Jo Yoon-kyung

Composed by The Proof, Jimmy Claeson

Arranged by The Proof

The last track 'Daylight' is an easy listening medium tempo ballad with an impressive sweet vocal line.

*Album Specifications

- Photobook: W150xH210mm / 64P (Design differs for each version)

- CD: 1 type (different design for each version)

- Folding Household Paper: W110xH170mm / 12p / Insert 1 type (design differs for each version)

- Seal sticker: W38xH70mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 8 types (same design for each version)

- Photo card: W54xH86mm / randomly inserted 2 types out of 20 types (same design for each version)

- Scratch card: W80xH120mm / 1 out of 4 randomly inserted (same design for each version)

- Postcard: W100xH140mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 4 types (same design for each version)
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