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HA SUNG WOON - 6th Mini Album [Electrified : Urban Nostalgia]

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Ha Sung-woon releases 6th mini album <Electrified : Urban Nostalgia>!

A total of 4 high-quality songs, including the title song 'Electrified', fill the emotions.

Ha Sung-woon's 6th mini album <Electrified: Urban Nostalgia> is a comeback after 3 months.

This album contains a total of 4 different stories, and consists of the title song 'Electrified', 'Back to You', 'Fairy Tale', and 'Love Sound'.

Ha Sung-woon, who once again faced himself in various spaces, recalling the days that have passed since his debut.

We were able to overcome that time because of the fans who walked the road together and stood by our side, and we were reborn as four stories with gratitude.

Above all, this album depicts the complex emotions, inner ambivalence, and memories of city dwellers that anyone can feel. This 6th mini album will feature an album that only Ha Sung-woon can express with the theme of 'nostalgia in the city'.


-Photobook 80P


-Photocard (1 random out of 21)

-Lenticular Card

-coloring book

-2 stickers

-Do not disturb sign
peachkpop 음악 CD HA SUNG WOON - 6th Mini Album [Electrified : Urban Nostalgia]
$19.30 USD
$19.30 USD

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