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EP [Calibrate]

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Ha Hyun-sang, an emotional craftsman who believes and listens
New EP “Calibrate”

Ha Hyun-sang is back with her third EP, which she wrote and composed herself.

The title of this album is “Calibrate”.
This is the name of the button that initializes the settings saved in the instrument.

As you can feel from the title of the 3rd EP, “Calibrate,” this is Ha Hyun-sang's third EP, produced with the heart of returning to the beginning, and the artist himself wrote and composed the lyrics to add depth and completeness to the music.

After his debut album “My poor lonely heart”, Ha Hyeon-sang, who showed musical talent in various fields such as broadcasting, OST, festivals, performances, and YouTube, conveyed sympathy and comfort with his unique tone and sensibility representing youth.

Ha Hyun-sang, who has shown steady growth through various genres ranging from electronica genre “3108” to “late-night movie” with impressive dreamy synth sound, and alternative rock “fireworks,” is showing the public how she has developed further as a musician through this album. to present


- Jewel Case & CD-R

- Photobook 40P

- Folding poster

- Random 1 out of 3 photo cards

- One random gift out of two message cards
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