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1st Maxi Single Album [RUN]

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The return of '4th generation representative dignified idol', high-key maxi single album [RUN] released

Title song 'RUN' radiates unrivaled coolness + health beauty

Hi-Key, comeback after member reorganization... Unique exercise concept ing

H1-KEY: Dignified and healthy beauty

H1-KEY is a 4-member girl group under GLG. The team name H1-KEY was inspired by the English word 'high-key', which means 'to aim for a confident and healthy beauty'.

H1-KEY released their first single 'Athletic Girl' in January and joined the ranks of the 4th generation girl group with active activities. It was selected as the cover of the K-pop exercise playlist 'WOR K OUT' on Spotify, the world's largest music platform, and announced a pleasant start. Became a trend setter. The growth potential of H1-KEY also appeared on the music charts. 'Athletic Girl' topped the iTunes Top K-Pop Song Chart in 9 regions including Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Australia, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan and the US. In Thailand, it topped the online record sales site, the iTunes video chart, and the All-Song chart second. The music video also quickly surpassed 10 million views, drawing great love from domestic and foreign music fans.

[RUN] H1-KEY 1st Maxi Single Album

H1-KEY continues its sporty look and unique workout concept in this album. In addition to music, we built a unified concept in all aspects of the group, such as choreography and styling, to capture the unique refreshing and healthy beauty of H1-KEY.

In addition to the title song 'RUN', the album produced in the form of a maxi single contains various sound sources that will be responsible for the music industry this summer. Also on the CD, a special gift for M1-KEY β€˜H1-KEY Voice Letter for M1-KEY’ is included as a special bonus.
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