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GOT7 - MINI ALBUM [Call My Name]

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GOT7, new album <Call My Name> & title song'My Name You Call'


“Your voice heard in the darkness, my name is finally completed”


An imperfect being trapped in the pitch-black darkness, afraid of even reaching out. And a voice coming from somewhere.Your voice, who called my name trapped in darkness, became a ray of light and a reason for existence.Even at the moment when it sinks down, tired and hard, GOT7 can fly because there are fans who call out their names.GOT7, through the new album <Call My Name>, has expressed appreciation for the fans, which is the meaning of existence.He expressed the precious feelings he had in his heart.


"I hope this album will be fully interpreted and reachable to your ears and hearts", "Thank you for being the reason for GOT7. We will be the reason for the fans, too," and "I want to fill my fans with happy memories and emotions, and I want to be a proud GOT7."


In addition, it is called'an album like our growing pains' because we have worked on what we have felt and learned from our activities so far. The members thought countless times between GOT7's style and new attempts and produced the best results.


The title song “My Name You Call” is a song in which JYP leader Park Jin-young and leader JB participated in the lyrics. "The moment you called my name, I found meaning", "Sol?? The light of that day and the promise that said forever are still in me". GOT7's eyes in the concept photo are filled with such longing. In addition, the fans wore the suits they wanted to see the most, creating a unique mood of GOT7. In addition, the names of composers who collaborated with 5 Seconds of Summer and Jonas Blue are also eye-catching. Grammy Award winners, David Brook, who worked with famous artists such as Charlie Puth, Eminem, and Jason Derulo, and leading musicians such as world-renowned mix engineer Manny Marroquin, worked together to enhance the completeness of the song.


The new album includes a total of 6 tracks including the title song'My Name You Call','PRAY','Now or Never','THURSDAY','RUN AWAY', and'Crash & Burn'. The album's completeness was improved through collaboration with leading lyrics and composers. GOT7 also actively participates in the song work of the new album <Call My Name> and tells a sincere story.


JB boasts a more mature musical capability. Through the included song'PRAY', he sang a great meaning and desperate for the other person. 'THURSDAY' is uniquely based on Thursday, which is the boundary between weekdays and weekends. It contains a wish that every day will be happy like a weekend with a lover. In particular, it is said that Jackson's voice harmonized with the song and fantasy.


'Now or Never' was produced by world-renowned DJ Jonas Blue, and was in harmony with Ed Drewett, who worked with'Rise','Mama', and'Polaroid'. Ed Drewett is also famous as a composer for One Direction, The Wanted and Little Mix. GOT7 and the trendy melody they completed catch the ears. I expressed my feelings that this moment that you and I are facing is the most important than anything else.


'RUN AWAY' is a song in which Jinyoung participated in the lyrics. Listening to the lyrics “Just wanna run away, far away, just wanna run away” and the rising chorus beat, I feel relieved that everything will go well.


'Crash & Burn' is GOT7's hit songs'Fly','Hard Carry', and'Never Ever'. Earattack and Yugyeom, who made the trilogy of [FLIGHT LOG] together, are in harmony. It is a track that gives a strong and sexy feeling with a strong beat, and it talks about love without fear of being together.


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GOT7 - MINI ALBUM [Call My Name]
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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