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THE 4TH ALBUM [Breath of Love : Last Piece]

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 - All seven members participated in composing and writing lyrics for the new full-length album 'Breath of Love: Last Piece' after about two years!
- Selected as a double title song as the first member of GOT7's self-composed song! Double joy to global fans
- 'Breath (You Make Me Breathe)', inducing pleasant excitement through colorful sounds! Youngjae Lyricist and Composer!
- JB Lyrics and composition 'LAST PIECE', we were completed by matching the last piece called you! romantic mood gift

‘The end of November 2020, the deep breath of love’

GOT7 (GOT7) will release the 4th regular album 'Breath of Love: Last Piece' on November 30th.

The new album is a regular album released in about two years after 'Present: YOU' in September 2018. GOT7 poured their unstinting devotion and effort to make their 4th full-length album more perfect, which global fans have been longing for.

They select the double title song for the first time since their debut, giving fans double the joy. Also, the title songs 'Breath (You Make Me Breathe)' and 'LAST PIECE' are more meaningful in that both songs are self-composed by the members.

The title song 'Breath (You Make Me Breathe)' depicts the emotions of the moment when the breath of love permeates from the moment you meet your fateful partner. It embodies the overflowing heart of falling in love with a variety of sounds, such as a whistle, so that you can be drenched in pleasant excitement.

Youngjae was in charge of writing and composing, and Chanyang Joo, Lavin, and Nihwa, who worked together in various works with GOT7, worked together to improve the level of perfection.

Another title song 'LAST PIECE' is a song written and composed by leader JB, and conveys a romantic message that 'we need to have the last piece called you to be complete'. GOT7 conveys a more mature charm by singing the sincerity of the other person, who is the reason and everything of my existence.

In this song, GOT7's 'You Are', 'Look', 'ECLIPSE', 'PRAY', 'PAGE', etc. were worked together by the writers who showed strong synergy. Jo Malone (JOMALXNE) and D.ham (220VOLT) participated.

The music video of the double title song tried to connect the two parts as if they were connected as one. The use of various props, smooth screen transition effects, and the delicate expressive power of the seven members add to the fun of watching the video.

In order to bring out the mood of the song, GOT7 put a lot of effort into coming up with a lot of ideas in advance and going through endless discussions and rehearsals. He showed off his professional side by not only perfectly digesting the choreography scene that was added suddenly during filming, but also re-shooting for a high-quality result.

The new album 'Breath of Love: Last Piece' includes the double title song 'Born Ready', 'SPECIAL', 'WAVE', 'Waiting For You' , 'Now I'll do it', '1+1', 'I Mean It', and 'We Are Young' are a total of 10 songs.

Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, BamBam, and Yugyeom each wrote and composed the b-side songs from No.

In addition, prominent writers such as Jake Torrey, Noah Conrad, and danke (La La La Studio), who have collaborated with BTS, participated.

From music to content, the new album, where GOT7's touch touched every part of the album, is expected to heat up fans around the world once again.

Album specification :

1) Photobook : 7 types/ 210mm X 297mm / 72p

2) CD-R : 7 types

3) Photocard : 7 types / 55mm X 85mm / Random 2 out of 49

4) Mini folding poster : 7 types / 210mm X 297mm / Random 1 out of 7

5) Moment film : 7 types / 120mm X 55mm / Random 1 out of 7

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