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Apple AHA Clearing Peeling Gel 120ml

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Blackhead and whitehead care with apple! Smoothly textured Apple Peeling Gel !

Completed primary skin irritation tests

  • Deep peeling care removes blackheads and whiteheads and effectively removes stubborn dead skin cells after just one use
  • Non-irritating gommage dead skin cell care gently removes dead skin cells with a moisturizing gel formula made of plant-derived substances
  • Apple water ingredient provides a smooth skin texture and clear, radiant skin without any dry feelings

Recommended for

  • Customers who want moisturizing dead skin cell care
  • Customers who want soft, gentle, non-irritating dead skin cell care
  • Customers who want blackhead and whitehead care, as well as dead skin cell care
  • Customers who want moisturized, revitalized skin after dead skin cell care
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