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1/2 Toner Calming Cotton Pad 80 Sheets

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The wave-shaped cut side adheres closely to the skin when attached under the eyes and nostrils while aligning it with the curves of skin!

  • As the cotton pad discharges 100% of the used product, It turns the skin moist with just ½ of the amount of product used by general cotton pads!
  • A lint & rip free adhering sheet
  • Wave-cutting & half-and-half cutting - It can be used thinly by cutting them in half along the cut line!


  • When using it like a skin pack :  After fully soaking the pad with essence, attach it on areas that need soothing as a pack.
  • When using it to pat the skin :  Dispense toner on the cotton pad and tap it on the face to promote its absorption.
  • When using it with a toner :  Fully soak the cotton pad with toner and wipe the face in the direction of the skin
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