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Golden Child

6th Mini Album [AURA] (Compact Ver.)

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“Start again, there is no end to me, I will become a new me”

Burning hot with an intense performance

Golden Child's 6th mini album 'AURA'

Golden Child (Daeyeol, Y, Jangjun, TAG, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyeon, Joochan, Bomin), who has proven their global influence with their America tour and is shaking the world with their endless charm, has returned with their 6th mini album [AURA].

This 6th mini-album 'AURA' contains 6 songs in various genres that contain not only Golden Child's strong and sexy charm, but also a different look.

The first b-side song 'AURA' is a precursor to the title song 'Replay', and the song starts with the Golden Child members' vocal Reverse, and the powerful drums and bass of Garage style lead the overall atmosphere. The opposite lead synth and string add a wide sense of development, and the Elec guitar synth in the second half moves along with the bass line to complete a heavy and majestic mood.

The title song 'Replay' is a song of the EDM Future House genre, and the impressive lyrics of "Replay as if in a dream, rewind, go back and replay" express a strong desire to rewind time and return to the past. The heavy Synth Bass that takes the center of the whole song, the bass slap sound, and the main synth lead added to add tension.

The third b-side song ‘Knocking On My Door’ is a song about the growth and change achieved through the emotion of love. The pleasant melody line, dynamic composition, and the charming tone of Golden Child add to the charm of the song.

The fourth b-side song ‘3! 6! 5!' is a song containing a message of hope and support to lead a life with positive and bright energy 365 days a year. The cool guitar riffs, minimal yet exciting beat, and Golden Child's unique refreshing vibe stand out.

The fifth b-side song ‘Purpose’ is a song of the Melodic FutureBass genre, and it is a self-composed song featuring the collaboration between Golden Child member TAG and the producing team AIMING, who have been steadily developing their producing abilities since ‘OASIS’. You can fully feel the unique sensibility and melody line that only TAG has, and the message of comforting youths who coexist with excitement and fear and cheering for their future has been added to enhance the song's perfection.

Lastly, the sixth track, 'Miracle', is a glitch-hop genre song with a complex sound lead line. In addition, in the second half of the song, Dance Break completes Golden Child's own Stage-Performance by adding Beat-Section and Layered Strings sound.

The 6th mini album [AURA], which raises the expectation of another challenge with a new appearance, is expected to delight listeners' eyes and ears with Golden Child's mature musicality as well as Golden Child's energetic and unique Vibe.

*Album Specifications

- Cover : 140*125(mm)

- Photobook : 115*115(mm) / 24p (Image is different from Photobook ver.)

- CD-R : 118*118(mm) / 1 type (image different from Photobook ver.)

- Photo Card : 54*86(mm) / Random 1 type out of 18 types inserted (image is different from Photobook ver.)
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