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NOW : Where we are, here

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"NOW series prelude, title song'SEOUL'

We invite you to this “SEOUL” where GHOST9 exists now!

The title song “SEOUL” of “NOW: Where we are, here” is the place where GHOST9 lives every moment, and the first story of the NOW series begins with the story of “Seoul where we will meet” from the perspective of GHOST9.

This album'NOW: Where we are, here' is the first signal of the NOW series that fully reveals the world view of GHOST9 following the last PRE EPISODE 1 and 2, as well as a journey in Seoul where GHOST9 exists now. It will be remembered as an album where you will experience the aura and colorful storytelling with your five senses."


■ Components

01. Photocard: 1 random out of 9

02. Photobook 144P

03. Random 1 out of 9 photo cards

04. 2 kinds of postcards

05. One type of hologram graphic sticker

06. Character Into Booklet & Sticker 1 type

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