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GHOST9 - NOW When we are in Love

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GHOST9 “NOW: When we are in Love”


The second album of the NOW series, 'NOW: When we are in Love', breaks away from the existing powerful and dark atmosphere and tells the story of the moment of falling in love and the moment of being in love with GHOST9's refreshing and bright narration.


This album, which contains GHOST9's own interpretation of 'every moment we feel love, is different', focuses on three-dimensional and synesthetic sound and lyrics, and begins the second story of the NOW series with GHOST9's unseen delicate acting and sensual performance. do.





1) PHOTO CARD 1 type random out of 9 types

2) POST CARD 3 types

3) SLIDE FILM 1 type random out of 9 types

4) GLEEZE COMIC BOOK 1 out of 4 random


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peachkpop 음악 CD GHOST9 - NOW When we are in Love
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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