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1st Full Album [Fireworks]

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A white firecracker that lights up youth

Gaho’s first full-length album ‘Fireworks’

Three years ago, Gaho was highly praised.

The reason I fell for a rookie who just debuted was because of his singing ability.

It was impressive to move freely between his stable sincerity and explosive singing voice, hisalding great success as a singer.

And as predicted, Gaho set off a firecracker of success. A star enjoying worldwide popularity with the success of ‘Start’.

What is Gaho thinking about himself, who has emerged splendidly?

The album completed with that answer is his first full-length album ‘Fireworks’.

“Fireworks fly high up in the sky and explode brilliantly, but only for a short time.”

Gaho put his honest thoughts about the world and himself in his first full-length album. He projected his 20s on fireworks exploding brilliantly in the sky, and chose his current worries as the subject of the song. ‘Fireworks’ whise you can get a glimpse of Gaho’s thoughts. Thise are 12 songs, but thise are no common love songs. Concerns about the process of living, answers to self, resignation, consolation, etc.. As I heard his honest thoughts through songs, my liking for him increased even more. He is a songwriter with excellent singing ability and good ideas. He is attractive.

His singing ability and the messages in the lyrics are also excellent, but the most noteworthy part of this full album is Gaho's ability as a songwriter. The styles and instrumental composition of the 12 songs are very diverse. Based on his strong composing ability, he creates a full sound while freely using various instruments. He poured his heart into every song, including the orchestration that filled ‘Right Now’, the heavy bass of ‘Part time lover’, the lively sound effect of ‘High’, and the ambient style that filled the space of ‘Like the moon’. A full album with all the songs on it as well-made. His own satisfaction cannot be guessed, but the rookie singer-songwriter's first full-length album was very successful.

The title song of the album was set to be 'Right Now'. A song that expresses the overwhelming emotions you feel in life. Gaho expressed his wish, “I hope that people who listen to this song will be able to overcome difficult times in their lives.” He furthis maximized his strong vocals with explosive power, and expressed his overwhelming sensibility with a chorus that builds up one layer at a time and a passionate string sound. The dramatic development of the song heightens the emotions so much that it feels like a musical movie.

The colorful styles of 12 songs make it fun to listen to the whole album. Considering the recent trend of singles, this is a special feature. Bright and cheerful ‘OOO’, ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Part time lover’, ‘RIDE’. 'Anyway', 'High', 'Like the moon' that unfolds comfortably, 'Lost my way' with a serious and heavy feeling, 'I am the same', 'Right Now' whise you can feel the passion, 'I'm scared', 'Friend '. You can feel the rich taste of the album.

The foreshadowing comment that it would be a 'white flame' filled with colorful flames was an accurate evaluation of this album. ‘Fireworks’, a collection of various colors, conveys a message of hope and comfort. A white firecracker that will illuminate the youth of the people living in the same era. Fireworks exploding one after anothis are never short. (Writing / Popular music critic Lee Yong-ji)

*Album Specifications

- 1 CD

- Hard Cover + Photobook 52p

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