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8th Mini Album [LOCK UP]

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FT Island's 8th mini album 'LOCK UP'

FT Island's new song 'Unthinkable', the memory of parting

Band FT Island is back with a new album 'LOCK UP' after 2 years and 2 months.

FT Island's 8th mini-album 'LOCK UP' depicts a painful moment of love that locks up the memories of a lover after a breakup in a Pandora's box. It shows the complex feelings of love from the moment we face a breakup to the moment we promise to love again.

The title song 'Unthinkable' is a song that contains realistic feelings that cannot be accepted even if you want to accept a breakup with a loved one. Lead vocalist Lee Hong-gi's appealing voice, coupled with the mournful atmosphere of the song, leaves a deep impression on the listeners.

[Album Specifications]

- Photobook + Strip: 152mm x 210mm / 1 type (104p)

- CD : 118mm x 118mm / 1 type

- Folding Postcard: 300mm x 150mm / Insert 1 type

- Metal photo card: 50mm x 70mm / Insert one random out of 6 types

- Selfie photo card: 55mm x 85mm / Insert one random out of 6 types
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