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Front Pocket Loose Fit Suspenders Stitched Denim Dress

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Introducing the front pocket mulberry denim dress with a casual yet sexy mood~!

You can also give a point with a suspender strap and adjust the length to the desired length according to your body type :D
A large pocket was added on the front to give it a more casual feel, and the stitch detail throughout gave the impression of denim.

It falls comfortably with the loose-fitting H-line, and it is good for anyone to wear it comfortably, from body cover to lower body cover, and it has good activity~!
If you layer it with a top in a medium blue color, it is good to coordinate it with a sexy casual look, and a basic plain T-shirt or sweat shirt is also good,
If you coordinate it with a bustier with a blouse, a stylish loose fit suspenders denim dress that stands out with a natural and unique look is highly recommended~!

From spring to autumn, you can wear it regardless of the season, so it's a casual item you'll be wearing out of the box!


Size : 44 - 66 Free

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