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Front and back balloon puff shoulder see-through shirring top

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 " Unique design and lovely charm! Balloon Puff Square Off Shoulder See-through Shirring Bling T-shirt "

I will introduce a shirring top with a lovely look with a balloon puff shoulder sleeve detail that gives volume to the shoulder line.
The trendy square neck line makes the neckline look thin and long and even the face looks small. It is an item that continues to attract attention with its subtle sexy and unique feel without overexposure as it is lined with a see-through material that reveals the skin.
In addition, it is made of very stretchy material that holds the body line slim and tight, while the overall shirring design enhances the volume even more.
It can be used on both the front and the back, and it can be worn in various styles depending on the day-to-day coordination and personal preference, such as a square neck, off-the-shoulder look, etc., so the child is very useful!
Please coordinate it with a club look, party look, meeting look, or date look.

White is pure and sophisticated, black is simple and chic, and mocha beige is luxurious and elegant, so I recommend all three colors! :)




Size : 44 - 66 Free

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