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fromis_9 - 4th Mini Album [Midnight Guest] (Jewel case ver.)

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Fromis Nine, who radiated refreshing energy with the second single album '9 WAY TICKET' and the special single album 'Talk & Talk' last year, faces a thrilling and pounding situation with the new album.

It boldly revealed the appearance of nine members.

The sensuous styling of the nine members encompassing the colorful charms and excellent visuals of the concept has been garnered a warm response from global fans.


[Album Specification]

-Total 9 types (by member)
-1CD: 1 each version
-Photobook: 1 each version W120*H120 12pages
-Photocard: 2 out of 9 (random) W55*H85

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fromis_9 - 4th Mini Album [Midnight Guest] (Jewel case ver.)
$8.20 USD
$8.20 USD

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