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Flower lace loose fit see-through T-shirt

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" Introducing a high-quality lace see-through frill blanc T-shirt with a lovely flower pattern"

It is a blouse-style T-shirt with a see-through fabric with a see-through flower pattern throughout, which also has a sexual appeal :)
The semi-polar neckline design makes it easy to wear, and the loose fit makes it both soft and sexy!
The sleeves are decorated with a banding frill detail for a lovely and feminine touch.
Also, it is very useful as a layered look, so if the see-through style is a little burdensome, you can mix and match it with other tops to wear it♡

It is good alone, and it is an item that can be stylishly coordinated by using it with an outer such as a vest, cardigan, sweat shirt, etc. in various ways~!

Size : 44 - 66 Free

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Flower lace loose fit see-through T-shirt
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD

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