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3rd Single [Travel]

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Hot summer "" is back with a song called "Travel", a summer single like a cool gift

"", who always showed strong performances and charisma, released the summer single "Yeoheeng".

It contains the cool energy of "", which is bright and refreshing.

This single "Travel" is a song where you can feel the boyish feeling of the members and the bright and playful feeling that you have never felt before.

The song "Travel", which contains each member's fun expressions, is a song that expresses a trip with a loved one, and the playful vocals of the members in the middle.

The sound of real guitar and real bass sessions was more exciting, giving listeners another fun.

In particular, it is a more meaningful song because member "Junhyung" directly participates in the lyrics, and it contains lyrics that can give strength to positivity in all difficult times.

Summer single "Travel" by ""

We present a cool summer to everyone with bright and refreshing positive energy unique to "" in the hot summer
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