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The return of the “K-POP King” EXO! The 6th regular album'OBSESSION' is released on November 27th!After solo and unit, we will meet again with all-time EXO power! Year-end music industry composure notice!


‘K-POP King’ EXO (EXO, SM Entertainment) is making a comeback with a regular album on the 27th, and is making another comeback in the music industry.


EXO's 6th album'OBSESSION' (Obsession) will be released on November 27th, and contains a total of 10 songs in a variety of genres, and it is expected to receive explosive responses from global music fans.


This album is EXO's new album released in about 11 months after last December's 5th regular repackage'LOVE SHOT', and EXO's album sales exceeded 1 million copies for 5 consecutive albums. In addition to becoming a'Million Seller', it has set a record of over 10 million cumulative album sales in Korea, so the power to show through a new regular album is expected.


In addition, EXO is active this year'separately and together' and presents a variety of charms, including the solo debut of Chen, who has established itself as a'believing and listening vocalist' and Baekhyun who recorded'Half Million Seller', and participating in the lyrics of all songs for the first mini-album. As the recognized SEHUN & CHANYEOL (EXO-SC) unit and the fifth solo concert that proved their greatest ticket power, they performed remarkably, and the music and stage to be presented in this album are expected to draw attention.


Meanwhile, EXO's 6th album'OBSESSION' will start pre-sale at various online and offline record stores starting today (1st).



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1. 2 types of covers (EXO & X-EXO Ver, images differ by version)

2. 6 photobooks (images vary by version)

3. One random gift out of 6 different versions of the folding poster (images vary by version)

4. One random gift out of 6 photo slide versions (images vary by version)   One random gift out of 12 photocard versions (images vary by version)

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