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10th Anniversary Single [X]

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EXID 10th Anniversary Single [X]
August 13, 2022 is the 10th anniversary of EXID's debut, and the EXID members came together again to produce an album to celebrate this meaningfully. EXID's 10th anniversary commemorative album [X] is an album that the members put their hearts into production for 'EXID' and the fans who have loved them for a long time. Producer Shinsadong Tiger, who created EXID's iconic songs such as 'Up and Down', 'Every Night', 'AH YEAH', and 'HOT PINK', and a member who is already known for his outstanding production skills and plays a pivotal role in EXID's music. The 10th anniversary album [X], produced by LE' together, contains the most 'EXID' music.

The title of the album, [X], contains the 'X' of EXID, the Roman letter 'X' meaning 10, and the meaning of 'X' expressing the connection with the fans. This album, which contains their identity and message to fans, is trendy and does not miss EXID's unique musical color. This album, which beautifully captures the powerful energy of 'EXID' and a powerful sound that is unforgettable once heard, once again conveys that 'EXID is a genre'.
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