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MINI 2ND [-77.82X-78.29]

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Everglow returns with'unique presence' +'intense charisma'Comeback with [-77.82X-78.29]


Everglow, an irreplaceable performance craftsman, has returned with a more bold and explosive performance of their own.


-Everglow attracted attention by the global music market!! Everglow's unique message, “LA DI DA,” shouts to the world


-Title song'LA DI DA' that contains Everglow's unique performance and intense energy


'LA DI DA' comeback after 7 months of unrivaled presence Everglow [ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW], [HUSH], [reminiscence] With just three albums, EVERGLOW, which fascinated global fans around the world, returned with more powerful and intense charisma with the second mini album [-77.82X-78.29].


Everglow's album [-77.82X-78.29], which is making a comeback with an unrivaled presence than ever before, is more bold from the'intense performance' Everglow has shown, and it is a performance that has never been tried and expanded. It is an album with outstanding musical spectrum. It contains the intense energy of Everglow that no one can replace.


This title song “LA DI DA” is a collaboration between Uptempo Electropop and Retro, which maximizes the fresh retro dance sensibility and stimulates both ears. It contains a meaningful warning message to HATERs who are pretending and full of dissatisfaction in the current dizzying times. It is a song where you can also find fun listening to the new voices of Everglow members. The included songs also boast quality comparable to the title song.

In addition, the music video for'LA DI DA' appropriately expresses the current dizzying era through the genre called Cyper Punk, and the image of Everglow who comforts them while fighting for the marginalized class and the young generation in despair of this era as an intense female warrior. Expressed.


E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Asha, Everglow, which captivated the world with six different charmsLast album'DUN DUN' surpassed 150 million views of music videos, and'Adios' exceeded 100 million views, establishing itself as a major global girl group responsible for K-pop.


Thanks to this momentum, Everglo is trying to spur one more time with the second mini album [-77.82X-78.29]. It is time for the whole world to be fascinated by Everglow's unique performance and voice.






1.LA DI DAComposed by Hayley Aitken, Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, 72Lyrics written by 이스란, E:UTrack Produced by OLLIPOP

‘LA DI DA’ is a combination of Uptempo Electropop and Retro. The strong bass line and heavy brass sound maximizes the fresh retro dance sensibility and stimulates both ears. Producer72, who consistently produces Everglow's unique musical colors, and hit composers OLLIPOP, Hayley Aitken, and Gavin Jones created it together.

The meaningful message of Everglow, which implicitly contains a warning message, pointing to pretending, rude people, and HATERs full of discontent is impressive. At LA DI DA, you can also find fun listening to the new voices of Everglow members.


2. UNTOUCHABLEComposed by David Anthony, Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny SvendsenLyrics Written by Isran Lee, 72Track Produced by David Anthony

'UNTOUCHABLE' is a Pop Dance theme song with a disco feel of the 80s, and features a melody that can be easily sung.

Composers David Anthony, Nermin Harambasic, Anne Judith Wik, and Ronny Svendsen have created this song in concert. You can enjoy the cool voices of the vocalists and enjoy it together.


3. GXXD BOYComposed by David Amber, Andy Love, Rebecca King, Dan Glashausser, Tom GlashausserLyrics Written by JQ, Yoon Yeji, J14 (makeumine works)Track Produced by David Amber, Glashausser

'GXXD BOY' is a song that stands out with an intense bass sound, a swag R&B style and an island reggae style refrain. The light and dark grooves and island-style chorus evoke addiction.

This song, which expresses the chic women's love formula, is the first everglow song that hit composers David Amber and Andy Love participate in, so you can feel a different sound.


4. NO GOOD REASONComposed by Melanie Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, James Abrahart, Storyboards, 72Lyrics Written by Eunjung Kang, 72Track Produced by Lindgren, Storyboards

'NO GOOD REASON' is a powerful yet emotional mid-tempo genre, with hip-hop drums andThe vocals with a sense of space are harmonized to make the melody and harmony stand out more.

From [ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW], [HUSH] to [reminiscence], the lyrics that connect Everglow's story and the emotional vocals of the main vocalists Mia and Sihyeon stand out.

Global hit makers Melanie Fontana, Lindgren, who have produced numerous hits such as BTS''ON''Boy with Luv', Dua Lipa's'Good In Bed', Britney Spears''Glory', and The Chainsmokers''Setting Fires'. You can feel the beautiful sensibility of Everglow with the participation of



**Basic configuration**

ALBUM SHAPE 225mm X 225mmPHOTO BOOK 200mm X 200mm 80pCD

-R 1eaBOOKLET 120mm X 160mm 16pPOP UP CARD (pop up card) Random 1 out of 6

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