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MINI 1ST [reminiscence]

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'Everglow', the final king of the music industry's performance of'Intensity + Cheap', a blitz comeback with [reminiscence]!!

'Unique performance I've never seen before!! You are so DONE’-Everglow grows into a'super rookie' -> a major global girl group'!!

The unstoppable'go straight' trend in 2020-Brilliant return with the title song ‘DUN DUN’, Everglow’s ‘Very Good Visual + High Quality Performance’!! The return of Everglow, the final king of the music industry in 2020!!

'You are so DONE'Everglow, who has emerged as a popular global girl group, has captured the world at the same time as its debut with an intense and unprecedented stage performance with a different dimension, and launched its first mini-album [reminiscence] in 2020.

The album [reminiscence], which reveals Everglow's story, narrative, and worldview that has never been revealed on the surface for the first time, contains all of Everglow's signature'intense performance' as well as the endless possibilities of Everglow through musical growth. The attention is focused on the colorful charm of Everglow, who will become king.

'Bonbong chocolate','Adios'.Everglow, which has grown into a global global girl group, gaining great love from overseas, including a girl group that takes the first place in the overseas charts for each album released, has more than 80 million music video views, and pays attention on the billboard.

The title song'DUN DUN' is also an attractive song with a powerful brass that sounds like a heartbreak, and the trendy lyrics representing the state of the people of this age who are confident and subjective and an intense and splendid performance that I have never seen before meet both eyes and ears It satisfies all and further solidifies the identity of Everglow.

Our story created by Everglow [reminiscence]It's time for everyone to be captivated by Everglow's colorful and intense music and performance.'Baby, you'll be stuck~'







1.SALUTEComposed by Olof Lindskog, Caesar & Loui, Hayley Aitken, 72Lyrics Written by Isran Lee, 72Track Produced by OLLIPOP, Ludwig Lindell SALUTE, which is a combination of Marching Drum and powerful brass melody on the trap and hip-hop beat, is a song where you can feel the bright energy different from the existing powerful Everglow songs. It is a song that represents the present generation, who sees the world with their own eyes, not with anyone's eyes, and fights confidently.


2. DUN DUNComposed by Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, 72Lyrics written by seojiumTrack Produced by OLLIPOP

DUN DUN, a mid-tempo EDM pop song, is an attractive song with a melody that feels like a dusty desert wind, a strong beat that resonates in the heart, strong brass and delicate vocal lines.The intense and unprecedented stage performance that I have ever seen before and the sensational visual beauty of the music video containing Everglow's worldview further solidify Everglow's identity.Korea's best lyricist and hit song maker Ollipop, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, and 72 worked together for Everglow, which is more and more expected.


3. PLAYERComposed by Olof Lindskog, Ludwig Lindell, Hayley Aitken, 72Lyrics Written by Isran Lee, 72Track Produced by OLLIPOP, Ludwig Lindell PLAYER, where the EDM beat felt by the trap and the catchy melody of the synthesizer go well with the vocals, is a song that stands out with the melody rap of the leader Yoo and vocalist Asha. It is a fascinating song that tells the story of the women who are fighting an invisible fight with someone strong.


4. No LieComposed by Olof Lindskog, Gavin Jones, Hayley Aitken, 72Lyrics written by Bora Lee, 72Track Produced by OLLIPOP NO LIE, a mix of several genres such as Dance-Pop, Electropop, and Tropical House, is an impressive song with a lead melody harmonized with a music box synth sound, and the harmony of a familiar melody and drop captivates listeners' ears.This song plays an important role in gradually revealing the story, narrative, and worldview of Everglow, which has never been released before.






-POSTCARD CALENDAR: Random recording of 2 types out of 12 types (including 1 cradle)

-PHOTO CARD: Randomly recorded 1 out of 12

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