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Last melody

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The universe of chaos, the return of the six warriors who remove the darkness and create a new light!
Redefining beauty with stronger performance and charisma.
Beyond the global rookie, as a K-pop icon, Everglow is creating a new beginning, ‘First’.

Finally the waiting is over. After breaking the 8-month hiatus, the six warriors returned with their third single album 'Last Melody'. This album, which will clearly show Everglow's infinite charisma and signature worldview, will satisfy the expectations of K-pop fans around the world at once.

The title song 'First' contains the courage to face the darkness and find the light of hope to open the beginning of a new world. 'First', which opens with a grand opening, combines a strong trap beat, impressive vocals and melodies, and the powerful performance of 'The stage gourmet you are looking for', Everglow, to complete the epic drama charmingly.

‘Harder, more intense’, this time, the performance of the highest level of difficulty reveals the unique presence of Everglow. The non-stop dynamic performances and high-quality stage directing create admiration.

In order to effectively convey the message of new hope created by Everglow, this music video, produced by adding strong color contrasts, splendid effects, and fantasy elements, has enough specialness to captivate the eyes and ears.

In addition, the songs such as ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ with an impressive bright and addictive melody and the emotional pop ballad ‘Please Please’ are as complete as the title song, so you can meet Everglow, who has matured musically. Through this third single album 'Last Melody', which maximizes the colorful spectrum, you will once again fall in love with Everglow's charm.

Not only that, it will also continue to move forward as a global trend that has been proven with the previous album. The 2nd mini album '-77.82X-78.29' ranked first on the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart and the title song 'LA DI DA' was released by Billboard as '20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: Recommend by Critics' ( The 20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020: Critics' Picks), and the music video for the title song 'Adios' of the second single 'HUSH' currently has 140 million views and the first mini album 'reminiscence'. ''s title song 'DUN DUN' has surpassed 200 million views. Everglow, which is growing as an icon beyond a global super rookie, is drawing attention from all over the world to see what kind of rise it will show this time.

Now it's time to meet Everglow's new 'First' that you've never seen before. Through the new album 'Last melody', you will discover a new side of Everglow, an unpredictable and growing artist who pushes boundaries every time.





-Photobook 84p

-Lyrics collection 28p


-Floating hologram kit

-Random 2 out of 6 by postcard version

-Random 2 out of 30 photo cards

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