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2nd EP Album [Bipolar Pt.2 Book of Love]

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Following the debut album [Bipolar P t.1: Book of Anxiety], EPEX will present two extremes of the world view through the second mini album [Bipolar P t.2: Book of Love].

If Bipolar P t.1: Anxiety book showed precarious emotions according to the onset of anxiety in adolescence, Bipolar P t.2: Book of Love is a book of adolescence according to the onset of first love for the opposite sex, dreams, companion animals, etc. dealing with complex emotions.


**Album Components**

- Sleeve (different by version)

- Photobook (132p) (different by version)

- CD (different by version)

- Folding poster (Insert 1 random out of 8 for each version)

- Photocard (insert 2 random out of 16 types for each version)

- Story paper (insert 1 type for each version)

- Student ID (1 random out of 8)

- Message Card (Insert 1 random out of 8 for each version)

- Postcard (1 for each version)

- Sticker (1 type for each version)

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