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‘Global K-Pop Rising Star’ ENHYPEN releases its 1st full-length repackage album ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’!
The story of seven boys who rejected the correct answer set by the world... ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’
The title song ‘Blessed-Cursed’… The boys discover that everything was a curse rather than a blessing

'Global K-Pop Rising Star' ENHYPEN has released their 1st full-length repackage album 'DIMENSION: ANSWER'.

Debut album 'BORER: DAY ONE' on November 30, 2020, second mini-album 'BORDER: CARNIVAL' on April 26, 2021, on October 12, 2021, first full album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' ENHYPEN, who broke its own record and emerged as a 'global K-pop rising star' beyond '4th generation hot icon' by breaking its own record, returned with the repackage album 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' after 3 months.

ENHYPEN’s 1st full-length repackage album ‘DIMENSION: ANSWER’
“The story of seven boys who rejected the correct answer set by the world and decided to find our own ‘correct answer’”

ENHYPEN drew the image of boys connected to a new world through the previous 'BORDER' series. In 'BORDER: DAY ONE', the boys expressed the complex emotions they felt before their debut, and in 'BORDER: CARNIVAL, they expressed their honest feelings about the different world they encountered after their debut. It expresses the story after realizing that it is a world of a new dimension (DIMENSION) that is more complex and contradictory than I thought.

In 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA', the first work of the 'DIMENSION' series, boys are connected to various 'desires' in a complex world, and they are faced with a dilemma where they cannot easily decide which desire to pursue. The boys, who have experienced the contradiction and conflict of desires, are embarrassed and anxious, but they decide to do what they can right now and ask, "Can't we find the answer?" I thought and ran forward.

In this way, recognizing ‘desire’, the boys, who have changed from before, are now asking, “How should I live? Who am I?” I started thinking, and realized one important fact. That is, “the world is wrong”. This album 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' contains the story of boys who, having become suspicious and distrustful of the world, did not follow the set answer and decided to just focus on the present.

The world always told the boys. “How long are you going to live like that? I need to know the reality and come to my senses now!” To the existing logic of winning the competition, the boys ask questions such as “Is it all right if I live as the world has set me?”, “Where am I going then?”, and “What will I become?” However, the world reflected on social media was 'a mess' itself. A society that enforces only winning competitions on those who realize how messed up the world around them is, and the “correct answer” set by this society, had no choice but to lose credibility.

In the end, the boys decide to go out in search of ‘our own way’, not the logic set by society. Of course, facing our desires, we still do not know for sure what the ‘our own answer’ is just as we did not know which one was the correct answer. They simply decide to make their current 'present life' into a 'new life' with the thought, “I will endure today well and focus on the present.”

The title song ‘Blessed-Cursed’… Boys who threw off their bridles
“Now I will take care of the conditions surrounding me, the order of the world, blessings or curses.”

Boys have always played games of winning from an advantage. So, they considered the conditions given to them (Given) and the world order that had tried to tame them (Tamed) as Blessed, but now they know that they are all Cursed. They already know that if you follow the given conditions and world order, as they have done so far, everything will work out easily.

After witnessing firsthand how messed up the world is, and becoming aware of the state of the world around them, they want to no longer imprison themselves in this bondage, whether everything is a blessing or a curse. The title song 'Blessed-Cursed' is a song about the boys shouting that they will take care of their lives and not to meddle any more.

The boys, who had become distrustful of society but still could not find the answer, were expressed in two concepts, 'NO' and 'YET'. The 'NO' concept reveals the cynical gaze of the boys on the world that was meddling and weighing on me. Those who realize that the world has deceived them express their dissatisfaction without hesitation, and the meaningless spaces are only getting smaller in the eyes of the boys who learn the truth. In the ‘YET’ concept, boys are in the background of a vast meadow. Their faces are mixed with the anxious feelings of ‘Can I do well?’ and the complex emotions of ‘Let’s live the reality well though!’

ENHYPEN, who performed various point choreography such as 'fan dance' and 'kick-off dance' with the title song 'Tamed-Dashed' of 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' in the past, and completed a performance full of coolness, is powerful and intense with this title song 'Blessed-Cursed'. He will show off his full face. With the intro choreography tailored to the rocking guitar sound and the powerful hip-hop bass elements that are scattered throughout the performance, this song is also full of colorful point choreography. From the 'Prayer Dance', which expresses a prayer-like movement to the lyrics of “In a false blessing”, to the 'Lion Dance' that depicts a powerful and heavy walking like the 'lion' in the lyrics of “Walk like a lion,” Various point choreography, from the 'Fight Dance' to the 'Fight Dance' that showed the strong and dynamic feeling of the song by sticking out its face, completed the energetic ENHYPEN performance.

The music video is also worth noting. The music video for 'Blessed-Cursed' captures a retro mood by using the 'end of the century' sensibility, a trend that is currently in vogue. In the music video expressing the emotions of the ‘end of the century’ from the 1990s to the 2000s, the seven members increased their immersion by expressing complex and confusing emotions in their own way in a space composed of colors and structures reminiscent of this. At the same time, ENHYPEN's trademark powerful choreography was performed in a set featuring a variety of lighting and primary colors, perfectly reproducing the sensibility of the times. In particular, the scene where the members count down the new year moving into the 2000s together is a scene that the music video wants to express, the 'end of the era' sensibility of that era, and the retro mood that uses it to directly present, making it even more fun to watch. pull up

This 'DIMENSION: ANSWER' will include 3 additional songs including the title song 'Blessed-Cursed' in addition to the 8 songs included in the previous album 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA'. 'Polaroid Love' contains the story of boys who feel special about the emotion of love that they already knew through Polaroid photos and believe that our moments left in the photos will last forever, and 'Outro: Day 2', which decorates the end of the album. has been added This repackage album filled with 11 songs of various genres is also expected to satisfy listeners.

One of the most popular K-pop groups!
“Going beyond the ‘4th generation hot icon’ to become a ‘global K-pop rising star’”

ENHYPEN set its own record by surpassing 810,000 copies in sales in the first week with the first full-length album ‘DIMENSION: DILEMMA’, and at the same time setting the record for album sales in the first week of release among 4th generation K-pop boy groups. This album took first place in the daily album chart, the weekly album chart, and the weekly album total ranking on the Japanese Oricon chart, and also on the US Billboard main album chart, 'Billboard 200', 7 steps higher than the second mini album 'BORDER: CARNIVAL'. or high in 11th place.

In particular, ENHYPEN recorded the cumulative sales of 1.13 million copies of 'DIMENSION: DILEMMA' on the Gaon monthly album chart in October 2021, and became a 'million seller' in less than a year after their debut. ENHYPEN, which has established itself as the most notable group on the K-Pop stage around the world by showing unrivaled growth every time it releases an album, predicted that it would continue its upward trend through this repackaged 1st full-length album.




- 1 CD

- Component holder: 1 each version / W161 H218

- Photobook: 1 each version / W161 H218 / TYPE 1 112p, TYPE 2 116p

- Lyric book (binding to photo book): W120 H170, 28p

- Selfie photo card: 1 out of 7 in each version / W54 H86

- Instant Photo Photo Card: 1 out of 7 in each version / W54 H86

- Photo stand: 1 each version / W150 H 105

- Transparent photo bookmark: 1 out of 7 types for each version / W65 H 160

- Paper dice: 1 each version / W120 H180

- Sticker: 1 each version / W120 H120

- First limited poster: 1 each version W390 H570

- First limited OS brochure: 1 type W297 H190

- Limited autographed instant photo: randomly inserts 1 out of a total of 350

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