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K-pop's first global fan-made group, K-pop's first global fan-made group, ENHYPEN,We released our debut album, 'BORDER: DAY ONE'.


BORDER: DAY ONE, at the border of two opposing worlds.The story of the boysThe agony and ambitious aspirations of boys heading for a new world.Dam's debut song, "Given-Taken."


ENHYPEN will release their debut album "BORDER: DAY ONE" on November 30. There is a change in the perception of the music industry due to the emergence of the "Best New Artist" that has never been seen in K-pop history.


ENHYPEN is a boy band composed of seven multinational members, including Jung Won, Hee Seung, Jay, Jake, Sun Hoon, Sunwoo and Nikki. They are the final surviving members of Mnet's global idol project "I-LAND," which aired for about three months since June, and have been shown to grow both individuals and teams through numerous missions based on infinite possibilities.


As of the end of the show, I-LAND created an amazing record, including 43 million cumulative online live viewers, 186 million digital clip views, and 181 national and regional voting participation, suggesting the emergence of a true "global fan made group."


As the team name "ENHYPEN" means, the seven boys who have lived different lives in different environments are "connected" to "discover" each other and "grow" together. It also contains an aspiration to connect people, people, the world and the world through music.


After a long journey, the seven boys stood on the new frontier of their debut and boldly threw their hat into the throne. They are armed with music and powerful performances that will form a consensus with contemporary stories, heralding the birth of "the most notable rookie in the world in 2020."


BORDER: DAY ONE, a story of boys on the border.ENHYPEN tells the story of boys on the border through "BORDER: DAY ONE".


The seven boys, who survived and are about to debut in "I-LAND," a space for competition, harmony, and growth, set the beginning of their long journey on their first day in the new world, watching the rising sun. As a rookie idol group who achieved their dreams in preparation for the possibility, and a team from the individual's scattered existence, boys who began to take a step from the boundary between the past and the future feel both joy of survival and anxiety about the unknown.


The story and complex emotions faced by boys on the unknown boundary as they connected, discovered, and grew together, and the strong will to overcome them were expressed in two versions of visual concepts: "DAWN" (dawn)

and "DUSK" (dusk) on the boundary of day and night.


Starting with the title song "Given-Taken," which sings about pain turning into joy at the point of entering the dream world of the surviving boys, "Let Me In (20 CUBE)" which is a space for loved ones and a longing for a new yearning world, "10 Months" that sends signals to the dog.


"Given-Taken," the title track of the boys' agony and strong aspirations."Given-Taken", the title track of their debut album, is a pop hip hop song. It contains the complex emotions of the seven members who confirmed their survival after a long journey and formed a team under the name ENHYPEN. He expressed his deep concern about whether the dream of a colorful debut was given to the members or whether the members won it on their own, and his ambitious ambition to "turn the world upside down and step into the sky" as "Given-Taken" with dark yet powerful energy. At the same time as their debut, they were happy with the spotlight, but on the other hand, they expressed their conflicting feelings of anxiety about the new world and desperation for survival with a strong drum and bass sound in the chorus part that contrasts with the delicate melody of the verse part.


In addition, the process of connecting, discovering, and growing together and the energetic performance with ambitious aspirations for the new world attract attention. On the first day, ENHYPEN, who started with a choreography that symbolizes opening their eyes to the world, followed by a slow-motion group dance that expresses how it became a huge engine as if it were starting, and finally shoots an arrow toward the world and takes a big step quickly. A powerful group dance without any disruption adds delicate and restrained movements and facial expressions to express the complex emotions of the boys on the border.


It's different from the start! ENHYPEN, the most notable rookie in K-pop history.


ENHYPEN is the first boy band to be introduced by Billy Prapp. Based on the capabilities of the seven members proved through Mnet's "I-LAND," their colorful charms, and solid teamwork through numerous missions, they are receiving keen attention from fans around the world even before their debut.


Music was created with the participation of Big Hit Super Producer Corps such as Wonderkid, "hitman" bang, and

FRANTS. Starting with the title song of the Pop Hiphop genre, which can feel dark and powerful energy, it interpreted various genres such as Alternative Hiphop, Reggae, Pop, and Pop R&B in ENHYPEN's own style.

Entering the debut countdown in earnest, ENHYPEN drew attention from fans around the world with various contents such as debut trailers, concept mood boards, concept photos, and introductory videos. The first two trailer videos, "Choose-Chosen" and "Dusk-Dawn," consist of a movie-like visual beauty and a curious story. In the first trailer video, ENHYPEN appeared in the early morning forest after images of roses, candles and moons were crossed with antonyms such as "Traine-Artist," "Failure-Success," "Given-Taken," "Blood-Light," "Us-the Others" and "Mortal-Imortal." The second trailer video shows the seven members, who had been scattered in a static state, finally gathered in one place and looked at the dawn sky as a whole.


The two versions of concept photos capture the boys' desire for the "throne" and the emergency to a new world. Not only did the members' visuals add to their classic mood costumes, but they also created an overwhelming atmosphere, but they also showed off their boyishness longing for freedom.


The music video for the title track "Given-Taken" catches the eye with its sensuous and intense visuals. ENHYPEN, who became a team, runs toward the Tower of Light at the end of the desert to find his identity, adding to the dramatic tension with the members' delicate emotional acting and energetic performances. The overwhelming scale background, including the desert tower, and its colorful styling provide plenty of attractions.


Based on the charm and competence of the members proven through "I-LAND," Big Hit Entertainment's artist production know-how in the debut year such as BTS and Tomorrow X Together, and global fandom that each had 1 million followers before debut, ENHYPEN predicts the birth of another "most notable rookie in K-pop history."



1. Intro : Walk the LineIt is an alternative hip hop genre that opens a new world for ENHYPEN. In "I-LAND," he sang the feeling of "pain turning into joy," taking a step at the border of entering the world that the boys who survived were dreaming of "I-LAND." The harmony between the enterprising-feeling machining drum that marks the beginning and the faint dawn of the synthesizer, narration that unravels the determination, and the Italian word "Caminare sula linea," meaning "Walk the Line," maximize overwhelming emotions.


2. Given-TakenThe title track of the album. It is a song of the genre of pop hip-hop that can feel dark and powerful energy, with producers of Big Hit's Wonderkid and "hitman" bang participating. After a long journey, he tells the complicated feelings of seven boys who have come to a new starting point in achieving their dream of 'debut'. It contains concerns about whether the colorful debut was given to the members or whether the members won it on their own, and their strong will to overcome it. Represented by lyrics such as "The Boundaries Inside Me Faced in the Arrow of Destiny," he expressed the conflicting feelings of the boys on the border with a strong drum and bass sound in contrast to the delicate melody.


3. Let Me In (20 CUBE)It is a song that adds hip-hop elements to the reggae genre, expressing a 20-의 cube fish tank into a new world. It tells the story of the boys who want to enter a new world of yearning, with excited feelings to let them go into the space of their loved ones. The song was produced by producers FRANTS and "hitman"bang of Big Hit, providing cheerful energy by adding attractive voices from the members to the electric guitar, brass and piano.


4. 10 MonthsA pop genre song with a stylish melody line. A cute 10-month-old puppy who is treated like a child by his loved one.

Like a 10-month-old puppy who has grown up but is still young, everything tells the love of a clumsy but affectionate boy. I want to protect my lover and give her shoulder to lean on, but the lyrics portray the harshness of the other person who "does not know my heart and only smiles." The combination of a refreshing EP (Electric Piano) sound and the sweet voices of the members doubles the loveliness.


5. FlickerIt is a song of the Pop R&B genre, and it tells the story of sending signals that only the two can know to the person who visits it every day. It is the first song to be performed as a mission song for 'Chemistry Test' of 'I-LAND'. The lyrics reflect ENHYPEN's identity of connecting, discovering, and growing together, as can be seen in the lyrics "connecting the world that was apart" knowing that they were connected for the first time. The addictive rhythmical melody line, unique electric guitar riff and groovy drum & bass combine to give a sophisticated yet dreamy feeling.


6. Outro : Cross the LineIt is a waltz-like song with vintage sound and carnival feel. The narration, which tells the hope of a disturbing and dreamlike tomorrow, and the pure children's choir, create a bleak and beautiful feeling. The grotesque string sound in the second half raises the mood, adding to questions about ENHYPEN's next step "over the line."




- 2 types in total [DAWN, DUSK]

- 1 CD

- Photo Book: 204×214 (mm) / 136 page

- Transparent story cover: 204×214 (mm) Each version 6 types

- Bookmark: 110×47 (mm) Random 1 out of 3 versions

- Photo card: 54×86 (mm) Random 2 out of 21 versions

- Post card: 120×170 (mm) each version 1 type (8 ea 1 set)

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