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'4th Generation Hot Icon' ENHYPEN, 2nd mini album'BORDER: CARNIVAL' released!

'BORDER: CARNIVAL', ENHYPEN's honest feelings about the world they first encountered after their debut

The title song'Drunk-Dazed', the seven people intoxicated by the crazy and splendid carnival!



'4th generation hot icon' ENHYPEN! Comeback in 5 months

At the same time as their official debut in November 2020, ENHYPEN, which emerged as the '4th generation hot icon', has returned with a new album in 5 months. As a “global fan maid group,” which was created by the selection of K-pop fans around the world, they generated tremendous repercussions from the beginning. The group's first album,'BORDER: DAY ONE', which debuted last year, recorded the highest sales volume among the group's albums (based on a single album), and proved to be the'best newcomer of 2020' by lifting four newcomer award trophies within two months of their debut. The second mini-album'BORDER: CARNIVAL' released on April 26 is expected to connect the hearts of fans around the world once again.


'BORDER: CARNIVAL', ENHYPEN facing a colorful carnival-like world

ENHYPEN unraveled the complex emotions they felt before their debut, the starting point and boundary line, through their first album'BORDER: DAY ONE'. The second mini-album'BORDER: CARNIVAL' contains honest feelings toward a different world that he encountered after his debut.

ENHYPEN was invited to a whole new world after their debut. The newly entered space was full of splendor, and I felt like I was seeing a glitzy carnival. Everything I have experienced here is ‘for the first time in my life’ and is full of things that cannot be explained by existing rules. ENHYPEN seems to be upside down, and the unfamiliar environment where the boundaries are broken is strange and confusing. However, the embarrassment of strangers is also for a while. The seven members are soon intoxicated by a festive atmosphere, attracted by people's gaze and cheers, and gradually fall into the feeling of moving toward the center of the carnival. ENHYPEN conveys the feelings arising after their debut in the new album'BORDER: CARNIVAL'.


Refined visuals in three concepts: ‘UP’, ‘HYPE’ and ‘DOWN’

ENHYPEN visualized the emotions that bloomed when they first encountered a carnival-like world with three concept images. The moment of being invited to the dazzling carnival was expressed as'UP', and through'HYPE', they showed the appearance of being gradually intoxicated by enjoying the party in their own way. And ‘DOWN’ depicts the confusion that comes from a world where the top and bottom are changed and boundaries are broken.

These emotions can also be found in music. The first track'Intro: The Invitation' containing an invitation to a new world, the title song'Drunk-Dazed', which sang emotions after entering a colorful environment like a carnival,'Outro: The Wormhole', which makes you wonder about the next story of ENHYPEN. 'A total of 6 tracks are organically connected to complete a story.


In intoxication and confusion! Title song'Drunk-Dazed'

If you are worried about whether your debut song'Given-Taken' is given to the members or whether you have taken it yourself, the title track'Drunk-Dazed' for the 2nd mini album is about the world that you experienced after your debut. It is a sincere sentiment. ENHYPEN expressed this endlessly unfamiliar and splendid place by comparing it to a carnival.

'Drunk-Dazed' is an impressive song with a rocking sound that lets you feel the splendor and energy of a carnival. As the song unfolds, the dark atmosphere gradually darkens, and accordingly, the confusion, intoxication, and hazy feelings felt by ENHYPEN also reach their climax. The lyrics with the metaphor stand out and the fascinating voices of the members harmonize perfectly with the theme of the song.

In addition, ENHYPEN predicts a high-quality performance with choreography that makes use of the atmosphere of the song for ten minutes. It is planned to show a stage that can not take your eyes off the movements expressing the hazy feelings that are becoming increasingly intoxicated with the new world and the facial expressions of the members. Through exquisite adjustments to the strength and weaknesses, the overall feeling of refinement and power is presented.

The music video visually embodying the image of a boy who is getting carried away by a flashy carnival is also impressive. Using colorful camera work and various directing techniques, he created a hazy and chaotic atmosphere. In particular, the group dance scene that shows ENHYPEN's performance skills and Sunghoon's solo dance in the red rain are the killing points of this music video. The visuals and refined dance lines that are more refined than their debut album'BORDER: DAY ONE' are enough to capture the attention of the viewer.

The story of the same era told by ENHYPEN

ENHYPEN shares their sincere feelings through the title song, and stimulates the consensus of today's generation through the songs included. It presents a time to grow together by putting the material that penetrates the sentiment of the same era into the song. The third track'FEVER' of'BORDER: CARNIVAL' contains the story of a boy waiting and looking for an entity to recognize himself. Express your feelings. In ‘Mixed Up’, a person who suddenly became noticed online appears when non-face-to-face has become natural. The lyrics that are likely to happen around us are melted into the lyrics to evoke sympathy.


ENHYPEN with the DNA of HYBE Labels, which has led various artists including BTS and Tomorrow by Together to success. During this album teasing period, high-quality content such as an intro lyric video, concept mood board, and concept photo was poured out, raising expectations for the new release. Contents that are satisfactory in terms of both quantity and quality attracted the attention of K-pop fans around the world, and ENHYPEN showed the topic of “4th generation hot icon”. A strong global fandom that has been solidly formed even before debut, the production know-how of Hive Labels, such as producers of Wonderkid and "hitman"bang, and ENHYPEN's ability to make all stages a legend, foreshadows another leap forward. .





[Album Specifications]

-1 CD

-Photobook: 190 X 190 (mm) / UP ver. : 104p. / HYPE ver. 112p / DOWN ver. 100p / 1 type of each version

-Lyric Book: 100 X 140 (mm) / 16p / 1 type of each version

-Photocard: 54 X 86 (mm) / Random 2 types out of 15 types of each version

-Lenticular card: 54 X 86 (mm) / 1 random out of 7 versions of each version

-Carnival ticket: 150 X 70 (mm) / 1 type for each version

-Sign sticker: 75 X 75 (mm) / 1 type of each version

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