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1st Single [Dark Dream]

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Return of the Elast One

Elast, who is now in his second year of his debut, returns as a whole with Wonjun's comeback, which he couldn't be with in "Tear Mark". it's been about a year The members, who sometimes had no time to rest together due to broadcasting, OST participation, unit activities, etc., spent a short break and prepared this album with all the regrets from past activities and expectations for new activities. The energy of the members who have put their best efforts more than ever and the chemistry that has become even hotter than ever before, goes through 'Knight's Oath' and 'Tear Marks', and then escalates and explodes with the intensity of the climax in this title song 'Mismatch'.

'Muse', which showed a sticky vocal technique that had not been shown before, led by an unconventional and tense 'bad relationship', and 'To. Lie' is a total of three songs, and each song shows an unpredictable reversal charm, showing growth without being bound by the genre.

1. bad luck

Eventually, the conflict between Day and Dream explodes. More aggressive beats than ever, rapping rapping, lyrical orchestration and dramatic composition. Elements that seem difficult to coexist with heaven and earth are mixed upside down, finding their place as they did from the beginning. The sound, which is difficult to define as a single genre, reveals the individuality of each member more clearly with unpredictable change and various colors, and the members also show more mature play. Finding homage to past titles in Instrumental is also a highlight.

2. Muse

A simple yet restless melody and rapping on top of a trap-style hip-hop beat and codework reminiscent of 90s R&B sound, this song creates a strange tension. Guitar riffs suitable for slow jam, direct and provocative lyrics, and groovy vocals add quirkiness to the music.

3. To. Lie

What if you, who existed only in your imagination, appeared in front of me like a lie?! The To. Lie is a Teen Pop song that combines synth, 808 drums, and electronic elements reminiscent of the 90s.
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