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1st Mini Album [Boyager]

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-In the second half of 2020, the music industry's “Best Expectant” DRIPPIN, debut album [Boyager] released-Title song'Nostalgia' to announce the new journey of the seven boys-DRIPPIN 1st Mini Album [Boyager] Title song'Nostalgia'


DRIPPIN, an ambitious newcomer prepared by Woollim Entertainment, will finally take off the veil.

'DRIPPIN', newly launched by Woollim Entertainment, the'Idol Master' that has grown Infinite, Lovelyz, Golden Child, and Rocket Punch, is a member of Joonho Cha, Yoonsung Hwang, Dongyoon Kim, Hyup Lee, Changwook Joo, Alex, Minseo Kim It is a 7-member boy group.


The team name, DRIPPIN, is a new word meaning'cool' and'cool', meaning'cool and cool group' that leads music, fashion, and trends, and has colorful visuals, perfect performance and vocal skills. It expressed a strong ambition to write a new history of the music industry with charm.


Debut album [Boyager] is a compound word of'Boy', meaning a boy, and'Voyager,' meaning an U.S. unmanned space probe or long-distance traveler. Just as the long-distance traveler or Voyager showed us a new world, the seven boys who will start a new journey together as an artist named'DRIPPIN' show us until now through their aspirations and curiosity about the world that were able to overcome even their fears. They plan to show their infinite world that they did not give.


As proof of this, the debut album consisted of songs containing the unique colors of DRIPPIN, which stimulated listeners' curiosity. Including the title song'Nostalgia', the intro song'Boyager' of the same name,'Overdrive', where you can feel the ambition energy of DRIPPIN, and'Shine', where the vocals of the seven members stand out, are drawn to each other and convey their hearts. A total of 6 songs were included, including'Color,' which sang the moments of resemblance, and'Light', which contained hopeful messages, creating an alum full of joy to hear.

In particular, the debut title song'Nostalgia' is the work of Full8loom, which has produced numerous hit songs. The word Nostalgia, which means'admiration for the past' and'nostalgia', is reinterpreted with the unique gaze of'DRIPPIN' to simply miss happy moments. Instead of ending with things, he expressed his will to return to the memory.


DRIPPIN, who knocked on the door of the music industry in the second half of 2020 with a unique view of the world and differentiated music, expects to capture the hearts of the public by unfolding their own infinite stories that have not been shown through their debut album [Boyager]. .




*Album specifications

-Booklet: 150*220*15 mm / 80p (images differ by version)


-R: 118*118mm / 1 type inserted (images differ by version)

-Photo Card: 54*86mm / Insert 2 randomly among 70 types (same image for each version)

-Luggage Tag: 54*86mm / Insert random one out of seven (same image for each version)


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