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[Summer Holiday] General Class

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Dreamcatcher’s special summer day ‘Summer Holiday’.

Dreamcatcher's special mini-album 'Summer Holiday', released about 6 months after 'Dystopia: Road to Utopia' in January, is refreshing just to hear it from 'InSomnia' around the world. will be offering

This album includes the intro and title song 'BEcause', 'Airplane', 'Whistle', 'Alldaylong', 'A heart of Sunflower' )', it contains six tracks of various genres, including dance songs and ballads.

The title song 'BEcause' is a story about the obsession that a love that has grown too big evoked. The melody theme that combines the pizzicato sound of a string instrument and the voice creates an occult atmosphere, creating a cool sensation. You can feel Dreamcatcher's unique dreamy yet dark sensibility.

LEEZ and Ollounder, who have worked together on Dreamcatcher's 'Nightmare' and 'Dystopia' series, have added Dreamcatcher's musical color as producers of this special mini-album. In particular, member Ji-U participated in writing and composing the b-side song 'Alldaylong' to enhance the perfection.

Dreamcatcher, who finished the 'Dystopia' series with 'Dystopia: Road to Utopia', will show a different charm through 'Summer Holiday' before unfolding another new story.



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