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Concept Book [Love Catcher ver.]

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Dreamcatcher CONCEPT BOOK

[Love Catcher ver. / Love Stealer ver.] Released!

Two versions of the concept book have been released, allowing you to see a different side of Dreamcatcher.

Love Catcher with funky band concept, even enjoying the after-party!

Even the Love Stealer, which contains the image of a Dreamcatcher who won a lot of love by transforming into a thief who stole InSomnia's heart!

In addition to the photo book, various MDs for each version are also included, so please pay a lot of attention!

[Specifications and configuration items]

1. OUTBOX : 225 x 303 x 50mm / 1ea

2. PHOTOBOOK: 220 x 294mm / 204p / 1ea

3. PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85mm / 7ea 1set

4. LENTICULAR PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85mm / Random 1 out of 7

5. PHOTO FILM : 70 x 65mm / 7ea 1set

6. MINI POSTER : 148 x 210mm / 7ea 1set

7. DREAMCATCHER MONEY : 156 x 67mm / 7ea 1set

8. MESSAGE CARD : 100 x 150mm / 7ea 1set

9. DECO STICKER: 100 x 150mm / 1ea
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