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4th Mini Album [REBEL]

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DKB 4th Mini Album ‘REBEL’

- DKB, who has reached a new phase with a different transformation, releases 4th mini album ‘REBEL’

- Unique stage dominance performance idol DKB (DKB), comeback with the title song 'Sober'!

The boys, who were singing about the love and growth of young people, boldly resisted by trying a different transformation. Often, rebels have a negative perception that they do not conform to established rules and conventional wisdom and cause problems. But without rebellion and resistance, a new phase cannot be reached. DKB does not conform to the status quo and tries to take a new leap forward by breaking away from the existing image through the 4th mini album ‘REBEL’.

The title song 'Sober' is a song based on hip-hop and trap rhythms, and it expresses the feeling of not having the courage to talk to the opposite sex if you are not drunk. You can feel the charm of the DKB members, who have become more intense as the grooved and refined voices of the members further enhance the song's perfection and atmosphere.

DKB's fourth mini-album includes the title song 'Sober', a hip-hop R&B genre song 'Get Away' with sweet lyrics expressing the desire to go somewhere with the one you love, 'Rollercoaster', which expresses the conflict and the pain of love that is repeated over and over, by comparing it to the feeling of riding a roller coaster, and 'Sober [Remix]', which was created by grafting rock sound to the original version of the title song. It consists of a total of 4 songs.

DKB, which is loved by global fans for its high-quality performance and unrivaled stage dominance, will try to transform its image through the fourth mini-album 'REBEL' and present an upgraded performance.

**Album Specifications and Components**

- 1 CD

- Photobook 150 x 210mm 84p (with cover)

- Photocard 55 x 85mm / Random 1 out of 18

- Postcard 140 x 90mm / Random 1 out of 9

- Coaster Card (Square) 90 x 90mm / Random 1 out of 9

- Magnetic Card (Circular) 55 x 55mm / Random 1 out of 9
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