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1st Single [Rollercoaster]

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- DKB releases first single album 'Rollercoaster'

- 'Super Rookie' DKB (DKB), a new leap forward with a deeper sensibility and differentiated performance

'Super Rookie' Dark Bee (DKB) tries to take a new leap by releasing his first single 'Rollercoaster' after completing a four-part story from youth, love, growth, and a full-fledged battle.

The title song 'Why We Meet (Rollercoaster)' is a hip-hop R&B genre song that expresses the conflict between lovers and the pain of love that is repeated over and over by comparing it to the feeling of riding a roller coaster, expressing the deeper emotions of DKB. A song you can feel.

In addition, the collaboration with the world-famous dance team 'King Of Swag', who participated in the choreography of the title song 'Work Hard' of the 3rd mini album, created a more complete performance to ensure the public's strong presence as a performance powerhouse. will be engraved.

This single album contains a total of two songs, the title song 'Rollercoaster' and the 'Rollercoaster (Inst.)' version, which features a heavy 808 sound and session performance.

Let's pay attention to what kind of story DKB, the 'super rookie', who has been unstoppable by releasing 4 albums without a break since their debut in February last year, will catch the eyes and ears of the public through this single album 'Rollercoaster'.

[Song Introduction]

01. Why Meet (Rollercoaster)

The title song of DKB's single album 'Why Meet Me (Rollercoaster)' is a hip-hop R&B genre song with a minimal yet melodic sound and a heavy 808 bass. It was born as a joint work of producers 'MABOOS' and 'JS', led by Brave Entertainment's head 'Brave Brothers', and is a song that compares the conflict between lovers and the pain of love that repeats itself to the feeling of riding a roller coaster.

02. Why Meet (Rollercoaster) (Inst.)

This is the inst version of the title song 'Rollercoaster', in which the session performance is more outstanding.


- 1 CD

- Photobook (36p) 1ea

- Random 1 out of 10 photocards

- Random 1 out of 9 Polaroid photo cards
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