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1st Full Album [The dice is cast]

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- The last story of the four-part series, DKB (DKB), who has achieved enlightenment through youth and growth through love and parting, will risk everything and go head-to-head.

- Title song 'ALL IN', a pop dance song by DKB you want to go all-in for the one you love

DKB (DKB), a monster rookie who has been in his first year since his debut, is challenging himself to the top of the music industry with his first full-length album [The dice is cast].

The various emotions and experiences I felt during my youth come together to create a unique 'me'. There will be many difficulties in the process of getting to know yourself and true love. However, since the die has already been cast, he has no place to retreat. He risks everything and challenges.

The first full album [The dice is cast] contains the story of young people who have attained enlightenment through love, parting, and various emotions, looking for true love in a more mature form.

The title song 'ALL IN' is a pop dance song that adds 808 sound to a piano melody that stimulates emotions and a groovy rhythm. Contrary to the upbeat sound, you can feel the unique charm of DKB, which has grown once again by containing the story of a man who wants to give his all for the one he loves with lyrical lyrics.

In particular, the choreography of this title song 'ALL IN' was created by DKB, a well-known performance restaurant, and plans to present a more mature performance with their own colors.

In addition, the title song 'All IN', 'Flower Less', which compares the longing for the ex-lover to a flower and solves it with an emotional melody, is a story that wishes for the happiness of the separated lover after a long love affair. 'Real Love', a rock-hip-hop genre that contains It consists of a total of 10 songs, including 'Fondue', 'Tell'em Boys', 'Tell Me Tell Me', and 'Samsung'.

DKB, who made a comeback with their first full-length album, is expected to captivate domestic and global fans with deeper musicality and unobtrusive performances through this album [The dice is cast].

01. I'll Give You (ALL IN)

'ALL IN', the title song of 'DKB' first regular album 'The dice is cast', adds 808 sound to the piano melody and groovy rhythm that stimulates emotion from the intro to create new music and performance. It is a pop dance song where you can feel the unique charm of 'DKB' who has grown up once. In particular, unlike the exciting sound, the lyrical lyrics and melody added to the charm of the song.

It seems as if a lot of thoughts and endless worries about the one I love were wasted, but in the end, it is a song that captures the change in my heart to give my all to the one I love.

02. Flower Less

'Flower Less' is a pop dance genre, and 'Theo' of 'DKB' participated in the composition, and members 'Theo', 'D1', 'Lee Chan' and 'GK' participated in the lyrics.

By comparing love to a flower, this song contains the sad meaning of missing a lover who has broken up and saying goodbye to a lover who wants to meet again but loves. In addition, it is a song where the emotional melody and the members' voices stand out.

03. Real Love

'Real Love' is a lover I loved so much, but I realized that it wasn't true love because it hurt me so much. Member 'Theo' participated in the composition, and 'DKB' members 'Theo', 'D1', 'Lee Chan', and 'GK' participated in the lyrics.

In particular, you can feel the richer sound by adding the witty voice of 'DKB' to the exciting rock-hip-hop-based sound.

04. I work (Work Hard)

'Work Hard' is a hip-hop R&B genre, with a simple instrument composition and addictive Pluck source, plus a heavy 808 sound to create a full and dreamy atmosphere, further maximizing the charm of the song.

In particular, along with the lyrics ‘I work every day’ that you hear in the highly addictive chorus, it contains the content of living hard to create a wonderful future with the lover you love.

05. Sorry Mama

DKB's debut song 'Sorry Mama' is a hip-hop dance song based on the 'EDM TRAP' genre, and the arrangement is impressive from start to finish.

In particular, the splendid sound and lyrics that sensibly expressed the feelings of wandering young friends that everyone has experienced at least once added to the charm of the song.

06. Still today (Still)

'Today (Still)' is a hip-hop-based dance song, and members 'Lee Chan' and 'GK' participated in writing the lyrics, and the members' more mature vocals and rap were added to create an attractive song.

In addition, the emotional guitar loops and grooves enhance the song's completeness and atmosphere, and the lyrics are impressive with sweet and sad lyrics expressing regrets and longing for the person you loved.

07. Fondue

It is a funky hip-hop song with a more attractive minimal sound with a groovy bass, drums, and simple instrument composition. It is a funky hip-hop song that conveys the excitement and trembling of falling in love with the person you used to be friends with. ', 'Junseo' is a song sensibly released by comparing it to fondue.

08. Tell’em Boys

It is a song that wittily contains a message to warn other men around her like an angel in the style of DKB. The plump and addictive Pluck line and various voice instruments harmonize with a variety of sounds.

09. Tell Me Tell Me

‘Tell Me Tell Me’ is a song of the retro pop genre that has been loved recently, and it is impressive that the old school and the new school harmonize well with the 808 bass in the rhythm with old school voice samples and old school hits. Today, it is an attractive song with lyrics that candidly express the promise to check the other person's heart.

10. Samsung

'Samsung' is a hip-hop song created by 'DKB' members 'GK' and 'Lee Chan' directly participating in the lyrics. The verse and hook have a completely different atmosphere from the previous tracks, and the theme of 'Flex' is expressed with witty and sensible lyrics.


- box

- photo book

- 1 CD

- 2 large postcards (1 group + 1 random out of 9 individual types)

- 1 postcard

- 1 sticker

- 1 photo card (1 random out of 9)

- 1 photo stand (1 random out of 9)

- 1 type of transparent film card (1 type randomly among 9 types)
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