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Pro Trouble Pore Essence Cream 50ml

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suitable for acne-pore skin & provides pore, sebum, and moisturizing care all at once

  • Contains 1% Anti-pore Complex which helps offer clean pore care (0.75% tea tree leaf extract + 0.2% hamamelis virginiana extract + 0.05% salicylic acid)

  • Contains the patented sebum-reducing ingredient, Anti-Sebum P (Patent Registration Number 10-1333676)

  • Contains 1% centella asiatica (centella asiatica extract) that helps soothe the skin

  • Essence type that moisturizes the skin and offers a refreshing finish

  • All-in-one type that can be applied in light layers to acne-prone skin for a finishing skincare touch

  • Mild non-irritating essence cream that can be used on the acne-prone skin of boys and girls, men and women

THE END of your concerns about pores & skin problems! 4 STEPS of PRO TROUBLE line for better effects when used together

  • STEP 1 PRO TROUBLE ACNE CLEANSING FOAM - Mild cleansing in the morning and at night. Non-irritating cleansing foam

  • STEP 2 PRO TROUBLE PORE PAD - First step for pore care after cleansing. Tightens pores

  • STEP 3 PRO TROUBLE PORE ESSENCE CREAM - Light application for all-in-one skincare Moisturizing and refreshing

  • STEP 4 PRO TROUBLE ACNE BB CREAM - Daily soothing makeup. Non-irritating coverage

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